Beatgrid sharing via iCloud unfortunately missing

All beatgridding done on iOS is lost when moving to a MacOS device. While it is a good thing that all cue points transfer properly, the grids are not.
I am sure many users playing straight-beat dance music won’t need or even realize this, but this is quite annoying when you have to re-grid whiole playlists full of tracks with less conventional rhythm patterns. As a Drum and Bass afficionado, I am used to having to regrid tracks in pretty much any DJ software to a degree, mostly correcting downbeats and fixing wrong BPM detections (usually off by half, sometimes one third). Same thing with Djay Pro AI, which I am not phased by. But I have to admit that one of the killer features would be to be able to browse music on, let’s say, Tidal, or Beatport, properly prepare tracks on the go via iOS and make use of all that has been done on MacOS and vice versa. Beatgrids are a big part of that, at least for me.

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