iCloud sync all the things! Beat Grid, BPM, Settings, Midi Device Bindings

It would be awesome if iCloud syncing could be expanded to basically include everything that we can set up in djay. For example, this should have…

  • Beat Grids
  • BPMs
  • Midi Device Bindings
  • Settings

There might even be more topics but these are the ones that I remember. Of these, we might want to make settings syncing optional but for the rest, I feel like this should be a given.

Basically, if I accidentally delete djay, I should be able to get back to the same state before deletion in very little time.


Thank you for getting in touch.

This is a good suggestion which we are aware of. At the moment we are not able to sync all user data via iCloud but we will take this feedback into account for later versions. It would also be great if other users can share their feedback and votes about the topic.

Why can’t you just use the same database for both mobile and desktop djay?

And if that is not possible, could you implement full playlist management to djay? We need to be able to add more fields to tracks like comments, stars, genre, etc… like other desktop dj softwares :wink:

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Exactly the same need here @Lukas_E

Be nice if you could do it on windows too.

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Same here, I’d love to see this, it would make moving between a computer and a tablet or phone for on the go stuff seamless.

I noticed the latest Rekordbox seems to sync between computer (Windows or Mac) and their mobile app. The app is more for track prep than anything else but cue points do sync.

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Exactly the same need here @Lukas_E

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