Beatsource tracks being switched to Tidal when added to My Music

I’m having an issue with djay Pro 5.1 (also was happening in 5.0.4) where I will search for a track on Beatsource, drag the track from Beatsource into a playlist on my music, and then either it will get added to the playlist but source will show “Tidal” or I’ll get the pop up telling me I can’t add Tidal tracks to a playlist with songs from other streaming services. Keep in mind, I’m trying to add these Beatource tracks to a playlist that already contains NO Tidal tracks (all Beatsource or local files). I’ve logged in and out of both Beatsource and Tidal multiple times and still get the issue. It’s even happended when I’ve been logged out of my Tidal account. It’s one thing for Tidal’s obnoxious restrictions with stems and mixing sources to affect the app when I’m using Tidal, but now it’s messing things up when there is absolutely ZERO Tidal use. I’d honeslty rather see Algoriddim remove support for Tidal altogether at this point.


It’s not obnoxious to the copyright holders.

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the poor copyright holders? :sob:

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So if you made and released music, you wouldn’t mind getting ripped off?

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How exactly am I being ripped off in your hypothetical situation?

I have the same exact issue. I have reported it and was told basically that they have bigger fish to fry

@DJ_Hooded_Wolf Honestly, I shouldn’t have to explain it. If you don’t know about copyright and that people want to protect their work, it’s not my job to educate you.

Hi @DJ_Hooded_Wolf,

Can you please try to capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable the necessary sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? I can then share this with the engineering team to see if they can replicate it on their end. Thanks!

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Here is the link to the video.


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Thanks for the video @DJ_Hooded_Wolf. This is very helpful.

  1. I’ll forward this to the dev team to see if they can reproduce it and if they have any recommendations.
  2. In the meantime, can you please try logging out of Tidal within djay and repeating the process to see if the songs are still being pulled from Tidal instead of Beatsource?

Hi @DJ_Hooded_Wolf, sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been told this was a known issue with Tidal and iTunes tracks. The team has asked me to have you update to djay 5.1.2 and check if the issue still exists. Thanks!


On Mac running version 5.1.3

100% still facing the bug reported by Original Poster. I am selecting a song from Beatsource playlist & moving it into Collection. The Beatsource song is being updated to “Tidal” source. preventing me from adding any other song to the collection. I have highlighted points in the screenshot.

With this bug present, Beatsource is almost equally as unusuable as Tidal within the DJ Pro app.

Your DEV team needs to use the application. There are giant issues with this software.

For me to create an account just to reply on this post & constantly be coming back to the forums searching issue after issue is ridiculous.

Tell your CTO to use some of the sweet money we all shell out every month to Algoriddim to get essential bugs fixed. Fix this. Thanks

I’m still having the issue. Non-Tidal tracks are being shown with Tidal as the source and it’s disabling NeuralMix and basically locking the playlist from having any other songs added to it. At this point I’d rather have Tidal integration completely removed from the app than have to deal with all the issues their insane restrictions and resulting glitches have caused. With Apple Music integration (although still lamely disabling NeuralMix), Tidal isn’t necessary and is a huge net loss for the app.

Agreed. One of the supposed selling points of the subscription model all these apps have moved to is that it allows them to better support the apps. And yet, I’m waiting WEEKS for an email reply and can’t get anyone from support on an actual phone call or even live chat.

I’m planning on cancelling Tidal in the next few days and contacting their customer support to let them know the glitches their restrictions are causing in this app are why I decided to cancel.

Thanks for the follow up and additional information @DJ_Hooded_Wolf and @backyardwoodworksla. I’ll share this with the engineering team and report back when I have news.

@Slak_Jaw spoken like a true do nothing reply in software development. typical from what i’ve seen on the forums.

algoriddim support rep claims they’ll check the issue. thread closes in 2 years un changed with ppl still asking about it.

i’m looking for an off ramp of this app as well. take care

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Any news on this? @Slak_Jaw

Hi @feierlaune, sorry for the delay. I sent another follow up message to the dev team yesterday. I’ll let you know what they say as soon as I hear back. Thanks!

Any news on this? I think it is an extremely annoying bug which makes it pretty impossible to manage playlist outside of individual streaming services. I am quite surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet.


I can’t believe it’s taking so long to fix such a glaring bug. Any news on this?