Best DJ ai for beginners

I’m new in all of this, I wonder what is the best DJ AI program if I have no experience as a DJ and I want to make a set of 3 hours. I have a small laptop yoga Lenovo.
A friend told me the are plenty DJ aI that not only can make the mix, effect but also suggest some music that match.

I’m will appreciate any guidance

Dance music?
Djay needs input for every song in order for djay to sound correct when mixing.
If you are a beginner. Djay will sound the same.

@Gerry88 if you’re just learning, I suggest you start with the free version of djay Pro AI. There is actually a free beta for Windows that you could try on your Lenovo laptop.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also try the free version of djay Pro AI on those devices. Algoriddim djay even has a series of very helpful tutorial videos (DJ School) accessible right from within the app to help you learn the basics.

Hello @Gerry88, I just wanted to follow up and see if that answered your question. Thanks.

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