Best Hardware Experience with djay Pro?

Which hardware gave you the best experience with djay Pro?

Got the Mixon 4 and it’s pretty great. Only things I don’t like are the effects unit (which replicates the software which I also don‘t like so it’s not the hardware that‘s bad but the software) and the too short tempo faders. Rest is flawless :ok_hand:

Probably no controller is perfect but the Rane One does a pretty good job for me at least,
The gremlins aren’t a Rane One issue more so a Algoriddim software issue, a few of which have been asked for fixing multiple times yet with every update we don’t seem to be heard…

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With my iPad Pro I use a Numark DJ2GO2 Touch.
Integration is flawless.
You are obviously limited by a small controller, but the meat and potatoes are there.
The djay software immediately recognizes it and it is already mapped perfectly.
All you have to do is change a few settings in the app’s settings (invert tempo slider, etc) and your off and running.
I also own the original DJ2GO, that one works perfectly too, I especially love the pitch bend buttons on that one.

Wouldn’t recommend a DJ2GO2 Touch in the category „Best hardware experience“. It’s a great device and I also own one but it makes a lot of compromises in order to be as small as it is.

Mixon 4 with heavily customized mapping is pretty awesome. I had to replace quite a few switches from broken/bad buttons tho which might be a dealbreaker for most, although I don’t know if every unit is like that.

Despite its age, the Denon MC7000 very good choice. MC7000

If you can still get them, they go for as low as EUR 700,- and come with a full Serato Pro license, in case you ever want to switch.

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Started with a Numark Mixtrack Platinum - worked ok, but the hardware was shoddy, especially the crossfader.

Then a Pioneer DDJ SB3, good controller with good integration, but elements were unmappable due to some gimmicky built in effects and although 4 deck capable, the mixer didn’t reflect this.

Finally settled on the Pioneer DDJ SX2 and I am highly delighted with it. I’ll be gutted when it eventually gives up the ghost……

Mixon 8 was just announced, looks promising (but pricey): Reloop Mixon 8 Pro - Reloop

I can imagine this will become the best hardware experience, exactly what you asked for :slight_smile:

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