Big issues with Analyzing Library and Sampler Pack

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I’m about to get rid of Djay pro AI. After changing the computer, djay pro reinstalled on the same version no longer wants to analyze the new songs (the information appears when I play them but not in the library, nor bpm or keys). Most of the songs he had are analyzed but some are not, and I don’t understand why. Also, none of the pack samplers work (a message appears saying that the .flac file does not exist). Since the Djay pro customer service is terrible, can someone help me here. I have a MacBook Pro 2017, Ventura 13.6. Thank you

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Estoy a punto de deshacerme de Djay pro AI. Tras un cambio de computadora, djay pro reinstalado en la misma version ya no quiere analizar las nuevas canciones (aparece la informacion cuando las toco pero no en la biblioteca, ni bpm ni claves). La mayoria de las canciones que tenia están analizadas pero algunas no, y no entiendo porqué. Ademas, ninguno de los pack samplers funciona (aparece un mensaje que dice que el archivo .flac no existe). Dado que el servicio cliente Djay pro es pésimo, alguien que me pueda ayudar por acá. Tengo un MacBook Pro 2017, Ventura 13.6. Gracias

Edit: I can’t recording neither any other sample…

Hi @mamaloba, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with djay Pro on your new Mac. I understand your frustration. I’ll make an initial recommendation, but to better help troubleshoot your issue, can you please answer some follow up questions as well?

  1. First of all, I recommend you uninstall djay Pro AI on the new Mac and follow the instructions in this guide:
  2. Which version of djay Pro AI were you running on your old Mac?
  3. What OS version were you running on the old Mac?
  4. Which version of djay Pro AI did you install on the new laptop?
  5. Do you have a paid subscription for djay Pro AI?
  6. Are you logged into the new Mac with the same AppleID as the old one?


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  1. I did that yet.
  2. AI
  3. Big Sur
  4. AI
  5. yes


@mamaloba thanks for the information.

  1. I did that yet. :white_check_mark:
  2. AI. Version 4.1.10?
  3. Big Sur. :white_check_mark:
  4. AI. Version 4.1.10?
  5. Yes. :white_check_mark:
  6. Are you logged into the new Mac with the same AppleID as the old one?
  7. Is your music Library in iTunes or are you using a Streaming Service like Tidal, Beatport or SoundCloud?
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  1. That one I’m using, I can’t tell you if there was the same on my stolen Mac, but I was updated with it I guess.
  2. Yes
  3. My Music was in Music Apple, and now in folders. I don’t use streaming service


Hi @mamaloba, thanks for the additional information. It sounds like it might be an issue with how you transferred your iTunes/Music App library to the new Mac.

  1. Given that your old Mac was stolen, did you restore your new Mac using a Time Machine backup to fully recover your iTunes/Music App library? Restore your Mac from a backup - Apple Support
  2. Can you confirm that all songs and playlists are properly downloaded to your new Mac? If these are still in the cloud they will not work properly with djay.
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  1. Yes, I restored from a Time Machine back up, but it was an issue which made me decide to move to an other system of organization of my musics. I’m now using my music directly from the folders. Anyway, the issue is the same with Music Apple. So, this is a problem with Djay pro which can’t read the meta information of new songs or even old songs that was already analysed.
  2. Yes, all songs are properly downloaded

English Translation:
I also just realized that when I go to search for a song within my music files, the indexing is not working, that is, it does not find the searched song with a keyword.
The content of the files in the Djay pro library is also not updated. For example if I put a new file inside a folder, it does not appear in the djay pro library.
And I come back and repeat, I cannot access the samples present in the Djay pro sample library. Mine are there but not the ones in the packs… And I can’t record new ones either. When I record it does not appear later in the sample library.
It just turning me crazy…

Original Post:
Acabo de darme cuenta también que cuando voy a buscar una canción dentro de los archivos de mi musica, la indexación no esta funcionando, es decir no encuentra con una palabra clave la canción buscada.
Tampoco se actualiza el contenido de los archivos en la biblioteca de Djay pro. Por ejemplo si pongo un archivo nuevo dentro de una carpeta, no aparece en la biblioteca djay pro.
Y vuelvo y repito, no puedo acceder a los samples presentes en la biblioteca de samples de Djay pro. Los míos están mas no los de los packs… Y no puedo tampoco grabar otros nuevos. Cuando grabo no aparece luego dentro de la biblioteca de samples.
It just turning me crazy…

Thanks for the additional answers. This is very unusual.

  1. Okay, so you did a Time Machine recovery, but had issues with the iTunes/Music library after the recover?
  2. Now you are NOT using iTunes/Music on your new Mac?
  3. Please confirm how you are adding songs to djay Pro AI if you are not using the Music App?
  4. Can you please also confirm if you have an Apple Music Streaming service subscription or free trial active? This subscription has caused some issues with the iTunes/Music App library for some users so I would like to rule this out.


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  1. Yes, it seems that there was a conflict between two iOS versions (Big Sur and Ventura), that’s what apple Care told me after hours of seeking solutions. I had to throw away all my library organisation, that’s why I decided to renounce to Music.
  2. I’m not
  3. By the finder logo, directly from my files
  4. I don’y have any streaming Apple Music running nor trial version

Okay, I think we are getting closer to the root of your issue. For the smoothest and easiest library management with djay Pro AI on macOS, it’s best to use iTunes/Music App. While it is possible to manage your music library without the Music App it’s definitely not as easy.

  1. I recommend you contact Apple again to see if they can help you to properly recover your iTunes/Music library on your new Mac. Getting this corrected now, will save you a lot of trouble in the future.
  2. If you prefer to not use the Music App, please read through this article and let me know if that helps:
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Ok, I’m dealing with Apple to resolve that issue. But it doesn’t explain the bug with the sampler pack neither. I repeat : I can’t access the sampler pack available in Djay pro nor recording new one from another source.

@mamaloba thanks for the update. I’m not sure if the music library and sample packs are related or separate issues so let’s treat them as separate for now.

  1. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to add sample packs and custom samples to djay Pro AI on macOS:
  2. If after following these instructions you’re still having issues, can you please share some screen shots of the standard sample pack page and also of the error messages you’re getting? This will help me better understand exactly what’s going on.


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I’ve already done the step 1. When I go to my predefined sample from the djay pro library, it goes like that:

When I try to select a sample from the library, it doesn’t work (doesn’t activate the selection). I worry I can’t send you a video screen shot (.mov)
And when I try to record a new sample from another file, it doesn’t happen anything…
I do know how to manage with that stuff, I always did it with my old laptop, but since the restoration nothing is going right.
I’ve just discover another issue: when I try to record a session, it doesn’t work too…

That’s the message when I try to recording a mix

And last but not least, all the songs plays have the keys shaded (not in the library)

Hi @mamaloba thank you for the screen shots.

  1. Can you please try downloading one the available djay sample packs and letting me know if they also have this problem?
  2. Noted regarding mix recording also not working.
  3. Was Apple tech support able to help you to properly recover your iTunes/Music library?
  1. I have it all full downloaded, that’s it’s not the problem. They appear once in the sample bar as unavailable.
  2. yes, it doesn’t
  3. Properly not but I have my library available. It’s another matter that I’ve to manage with Apple. But regarding to recording and samples, I really don’t understand …

Okay, thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything else to suggest at the moment. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  1. Can you please submit an Algoriddim support ticket from within the app in Settings>Contact Support? This will enable us to gather specifics about your setup to help in the troubleshooting.
  2. In the meantime, I will also push this internally with our engineering team to see if they have any other suggestions.

Thank you.