Brainstorming/troubleshooting sound issues

Hi friends!

I’ve recorded a few mixes and posted them on SC. They each have imperfections. One of the latest one has decent mixing, but one track near the middle of the hourlong mix has volume issues. It sounds fine in my headphones, but not in my car. I can’t tell why or why the other tracks appear to sound good.

Please help! :slight_smile: novice here

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Hi there. Are you mastering the audio after recording or are you just posting the recorded file from djay? Also, are you recording in Wav or M4A?

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@T-MinusMusic It sounds to me that it’s mostly likely one of two possibilities:

  1. That particular track is a lower sound quality file. I’m guessing you are using MP3 files. Check the Bit Rate of that particular file compared to your other files. Ideally, you want all of your MP3 files to be 320kbps. If you’re using Apple AAC files then 256kbps is equivalent.
  2. The other possibility is the recorded volume level of that track is simply lower than the rest of your tracks. If so, you have a few of options:
    a. Run all of you MP3 files through a normalizing software like Platinum Notes.
    b. Use the Auto Gain feature in the djay Settings to automatically adjust the volume level of each track.
    c. Manually adjust the Gain/Trim level of each track before you mix it in. This requires a bit more in depth explanation, but I’m sure there are some YouTube videos explaining this in detail. Basically you use the Gain/Trim knob above your EQs along level meter LEDs for that channel to get the audio signal at the same volume level as the track you are currently playing.

Ooo this gives me a lot to check on and try. Thank you so much, Slak! xoTMM


Hi Dash,

The one I posted is m4a, I think. I didn’t find an option to save recordings in wav on djay. Do you know of one?

Most of the tracks I used to mix in djay are wav since I bought most of them from beatport and they give a wav download option.

Prior to posting, I did try loading the whole mix on this program called Audacity. There’s a setting to normalize the track (I follow instructions from a YouTube vid). I highlighted the whole thing and normalized it all, then saved it in wav format. But the file size was suspiciously small so I thought I may have done something wrong. So I scrapped it and posted the m4a version of the mix.

Thank you for asking, Dash! I’m looking forward to any suggestions. :slight_smile:


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Hi there, you received some brilliant suggestions from @slavk_jaw check those out.
Secondly, in the settings option, you will find under recordings, what format to save the tracks to. I have noticed when recording and saving a mix in .M4A the quality of recording is definitely reduced. You were absolutely correct in using a program like audacity to normalise your mix prior to posting…

There are also many tutorials on using audacity on YouTube. If I find one, I will certainly post it here for you. If memory serves me, correct, digital DJ tips also had something regarding posting mixes on Mixcloud etc.

I cannot stress the importance of the advice in the previous post regarding the various kbps of MP3 files
If all of your MP3s are 320 K Bps, and one of those are below that you are going to notice a significant difference.

Keep us posted


@Djdash @Slak_Jaw you’ve both given me so much great info, thank you so much!


@Djdash my friend! I found the option to record to wav! That’s one thing down, and I am smiling so much because I have a new playlist and this one has to sound good… it’s gonna be so fun :smiley: thank you! xoTMM

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Glad we could be of help. Keep us posted

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Had the same problem by playing from the phone with Bluetooth connection … :thinking:

When I copied the file to USB stick and plugged it in my car radio it sounds good … :+1:t3:


Good feedback, I will look into it. Thank you HOLY! xoTMM

Hi @Djdash & @Slak_Jaw ! I have my first rough draft. It’s a SC link, I have it on private now. Can I share this with you two? I have not edited/normalized it yet.


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You are more then welcome
Why don’t you edit it?

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Sure. Although, I can’t promise that I’ll listen to the whole thing. Would be more helpful if could share the timestamps and track IDs of the areas of concern.

Oh awesome, I will do that! Thank you :slight_smile:

@Djdash I’m going to make a list of the time stamps where I’m concerned it
doesn’t sound good and what I interpret is happening.

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@Djdash @Slak_Jaw I appreciate you helping. Pls listen at your leisure, no rush on my end. Here is the SC link, are the time stamps w/ track ID plus notes on my thoughts. Feel free to inform me if I’m using terminology incorrectly. Any bits of wisdom I truly appreciate! :slight_smile:

Time stamps:

06:14 tracks:
safe from harm luca cassini & true beat x Lockdown brian cua remix

Are the low frequencies too high? Does it distort the music? Is distort the right term? Do you want peaks and valleys or do you want consistency? I imagine consistency in frequencies sounds better that some stronger than others.

10:14 tracks:
Lockdown x Move Your Body Paul Goodyear Remix

The low frequencies during this transition make the transition seem so sudden to me. It’s not a smooth transition because one track seems to have louder bass.

15:59 tracks:
move your body x up to you instrumental Bruno kauffman

The low frequencies sound strong again in this incoming track.

21:51 tracks:
Up to you instrumental bruno kauffman x fresh drums

The next track fresh drums has louder low frequencies again.

25:52 tracks
Fresh drums x that’s it

Does this transition sound smooth? I feel like the bass is off again.

31:10-31:20 tracks
that’s it x noises

The tracks were out of sync. Every now and then, the dj app will do this. Idk why.

36:06 tracks
noises x feeling like tribal mix

Fell out of sync again for a second or two.

37:36-37:40 tracks
feeling like tribal mix x me tienes harta

Out of sync

At the end it falls out of sync pretty bad, that was my mixing :sweat_smile: I just ran with it.

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@T-MinusMusic I probably won’t have time to listen through this mix, but in general I have some suggestions that should help.

  1. From your descriptions, it sounds to me like you can hear what’s wrong with the mixes. That is a good thing. Trust your ears. I’m guessing you are new to mixing so I suggest you search for some YouTube videos on using EQs for DJ mixing. In general, the basic idea is to use the 3 EQ knobs on your controller or mixer for each channel so you don’t end up with the situation you’re describing of the low frequencies being too strong or the high frequencies being too strong. Most DJs focus on swapping the low frequencies during the transition, but it’s important to listen to your ears and make adjustments to the highs and mids as well during the mix.
  2. It’s very important to keep an eye on the level / VU meters for each channel and the master output when mixing in the new track. If the level meter LEDs go into the red this means to audio signal is starting to clip. This will result in the distorted sound you are describing. Again, search for some videos on using level and master meters for mixing. This is the main reason why you need to swap basslines with the low EQs. Playing both basslines at the same time will often cause redlining/clipping and distortion. You can also use the Gain/Trim knobs to prevent clipping. This is especially important if the two tracks have very different recorded audio levels. In most cases, using the Auto Gain setting in djay will solve this. However, I recommend searching for some videos on proper gain staging-this is important stuff to understand. Digital DJ Tips and Crossfader have a bunch of great tutorial videos on this stuff and many other topics.

Anyway, I hope that helps point you in the right direction.


I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I was thinking along similar lines. Also make sure that auto game is turned on.

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@djdash @slak_jaw you two are amazing! I will delve into this when I’m off
work. Thank you so so much! :slight_smile:

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