Bring AKAI AMX native support!


Just saw that latest version of DJ Player iOS app does natively support AKAI AMX connected on an iOS device through a powered USB hub. Haven’t tested it yet but that looks very promissing to me!

For those who don’t know it, Akai’s AMX is the best ultra-portable mixer I know of so far, it’s the size of a Z1 but it’s much more open as it sends Class Compliant MIDI signal and audio and includes full playback control so it can be used standalone. It can even support Serato DVS through a software upgrade.

The only thing it lacks is native iOS/Android app support. Please algoriddim, fix this! That would bring a lot of value to both the AMX and Djay.

Of course, a native mapping for Djay Pro for Mac would also be welcome!


Alexandros aka Jay Neural

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Thanks for considering my idea! Would be so cool to see this working with djay! See also another I just posted regarding the ability to power those devices properly when connected to the iPad/iPhone without having to use a powered USB-hub.

I recently tested both the AMX and the AFX with the iPhone 6 Plus and DJ Player and they work perfectly.

I even could have both AMX and AFX controllers working at the same time and could even enable and test the DVS feature !

Having this supported on Djay would be a very powerful while still very simple and portable solution.

In the meantime, is it true that we can transfer mappings created for Djay:mac through iTunes and use them with the iOS version or is that a myth ?

Note : the powered hub+camera kit is normally only supported on the iPad but the trick is to use the older 30pin camera kit with a 30pin-to-lighting adapter.


Is Algoriddim still interested in adding support for the AMX ?

I hold my breath each time I see a djay update coming but I see none of them has listed AMX support as new feature so far :-/

Thank you in advance.


No answer by Algoriddim, but in the meantime, I created and published my own mapping of the AMX AKAI for Djay Pro which reflects as much as possible AMX’ behavior on Serato.

See more on this thread :…

I hope this can help Algoriddim to bring that to Djay for mobile devices !

Would be like the ultimate portable and powerful DJing setup for mobile.

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I did map the Touch layer for EQ-cut but I didn’t map a roll/filter on the Filter knob. I mapped a Transition Echo Freeze in place.

The idea being to be as close as possible to the behavior we’ve got in Serato though, I’ll try to map a Roll/Filter in the next version.

I’m planing to make an AFX mapping, but I already realized that it’s going to be quite hard to make it behave exactly like on Serato as I’m unable to have as many modifier layers as needed on Djay Pro.

Maybe I’m missing something but so far I could not create more than one modifier on Djay Pro while a fully functional (and actually useful) AFX mapping would need at least four additional modifiers in addition to SHIFT and TOUCH buttons.

The four buttons on the top of the pads which are supposed to switch between modes aren’t firmware coded modifiers like the TOUCH button for example. So software modifiers are required.

Maybe someone from Algoriddim could help me on this.

But before that, I’m still waiting an answer on if Algoriddim is still interested in adding official support for AMX/AFX, especially in the iOS version !

Emmanuel, will keep you posted. Probably in this thread.

I agree with you on the fact Djay Pro is sometimes more effective than Traktor or even Serato as it requires way less preparation for some gigs you just didn’t expect to do.

Djay for iOS is cool too, I mainly use it at private parties with friends and also as backup solution during gigs.

H Deejay Davei, just to inform you that the latest version of my mapping now does include some kind of roll/filter mimic. Had hard time implementing the loop length variation part though as Djay Pro’s “Loop Duration” command mapping didn’t really help.

Link to the mapping :

Don’t forget to rate/comment if you like it !

Cool the latest version of Djay Pro v1.4.3 allows me to map the Filter/Roll rotary FX on the AMX’ secondary layer !

Expect an update of the mapping soon, will almost act as on Serato !

For reminder, my current mapping is there :

Even less excuses now for Algoriddim to provide built-in Akai AMX support on Djay Pro for Mac/Win/iOS. All the work is already done !


Please notice I recently released an improved version (v1.0) of my mapping with thefollowing new features/fixes:

  • Full VUE-METERS implementation on both CHANNEL 1 and 2 as well as MASTER
  • Adds FADER CURVE control using the appropriate knob on the front (previously non mappable on Djay)
  • XFADE REV ON/OFF now enables/disables AUTOMIX feature (as the XFADE reverse isn’t mappable)
  • FILTER ROTARY in TOUCH mode now uses a 1/2 bounce loop instead of a 1/4
  • Fixes in LED feedback on PLAY, CUE, SYNC and LOAD buttons

Works on iOS too of course by transferring the mapping via iTunes Files Transfer.

Check it out here:…

Once again, there are less and less excuses for Algoriddim to not build this mapping into Djay! :slight_smile:

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I see that the Reloop Mixtour is a similar device to the Akai AMX working natively with Djay for Mac and iOS! Please bring native Akai AMX & AFX support, thanks!!!

Well is it happening? Pleeeease! I want to buy an AKAI AMX but the mapping thing is a deal breaker.

AMX+DVS = BETTER THAN SEX LOL (well, not really but, …)

I wish they would, I’m tired of all these DJ equipment / software companies assuming that we are all electronic geniuses. I ain’t got time to map @# lol, We pay enough for the sh&÷ as it is. But now that they have them Mixtour I doubt very seriously they care less about the AMX. Good luck

Yes, please bring iOS & Android support to Akai AMX !!!

Thank you so much for this post!
We’ll definitely have a look into this!

Please do

I did this a while ago. I didn’t tinker much with the touch features such as the touch beat roll/filter effect. Did you get this running in your mapping?

ANY movement with this Algoriddim?