Bring external mixer mode audio routing to iOS/Android Djay

It’s simply the ability to route audio like this :

  • ch1/2 to Deck A,

  • ch 3/4 to Deck B,

and so on…

Instead of just being able to route ch 1/2 to master and 3/4 to cueing.

The feature already exists on Mac and works well, but isn’t implemented in the mobile versions of Djay.

If Algoriddim adds external mixer mode routing, all of these mixers will instantly be natively supported by Djay :

That makes the list of potentially iOS compatible popular Pro mixers longer :

  • Xone 96, PX5, 43C (and basically any Allen & Heath)

  • Rane Seventy-Two, Sixty-two Sixty-four, MP2014, MP2015

  • Reloop RMX-60, RMX-90 DVS, Elite

  • Mixars Duo, Quadro

  • Denon 1800 Prime

  • Numark Scratch

  • NI Kontrol Z2

  • and basically any other mixer with class compliant sound card, including dual sound card mixers

Pros will be able to embrace Djay in those use cases :

  • Backup host device in case of main laptop crash
  • Hybrid usage of both main laptop and djay for some channels (for example when you want to drop a song from Spotify)
  • Actual laptop-less mode main host Doing software.

I have already tested those use cases with my MP2014 and DJ Player and it works very well. Since iOS 10 and the latest USB Camera Kit firmware, there’s not even need of a hub, you just connect and it works and if you have the latest USB3 Camera Kit, you can even charge your iOS device while it’s connected to the mixer. With the iPad Proand its USB-C port, just connect your mixer directly on it and you’re good !

Besides of that, as you’re in external mode, you don’t even need a mapping and the mixer’s built-in filters and FX are available !

Those use cases are like a Trojan horse for Djay to enter the Pro booths.

For now Djay’s hardware support is still limited to just controllers. I believe the development is now mature enough for pro features such as mixer support and DVS.

Not sure to fully understand your question but what I can say is that if external mixer was supported in Djay, all these mixers would be usable just as in a computer. You would route say outputs 1/2 on one channel and 3/4 on second channel then you would use the mixers’ hardware channel monitoring.

Receiving my Rane Seventy soon.

That will unfortunately make Djay useless for me as external audio routing is still to be brought on the iOS version.

Sorry but I will have to go with DJ Player on iOS (which does support that) or Serato on laptop right now.

As long as it remains like that, Djay will remain a controller DJs thing and will never make it into booths. Maybe that’s the strategy after all. Quite sad to realise that.

If you’re on iOS djay, you’re routing options are very limited, you can only use one stereo output as master and the other as pre-listen. Not possible to route each of the channels to one of your mixer’s channels.

That’s exactly why I’m asking Algoriddim to implement external mixer routing as it is the case on their Mac version or any other software on Mac.

DJ Player iOS app is the only to provide that feature on iOS for now, so I suggest you to migrate to DJ Player for now if you need to use anything else than a dj controller with your iPhone/iPad.

Hello. Thanks for this post. I’m brand new to Djay Pro 2 on my iPad Pro (USB C - no headphone output). Are you saying that it’s possible that the above audio interfaces ARE compatible with my current configuration? I’m not sure if I need to reroute 1/2 to Deck A and 3/4 to Deck B yet (at my level of experience) but I would sure love to be able to properly cue songs in stereo while the main output is also in Stereo. I’m about to use this as a radio host on a local station while using my Spotify account. 

Is this possible?

Thanks jayneural, I plugged in a Mackie DL32R to the AV adaptor and it worked. I have some routing issues that is mixing 1/2 and 3/4 together but I’m sure that’s something on the sound card side. Thanks for your help.