Bug hot cue reloop buddy

I have problem with the reloop buddy controller, I have only this one, I can’t say if the problem can appear on others.
Here a link to the screen capture: https://file.io/sf8wcVpOfBX0
The 2 decks play the same song. On deck 1 there isn’t problem, on deck 2 when I tap a hot cue with the song stopped, it plays the song as if i didn’t release the button and I have to push twice the play/stop button to stop the song. If I reload the song on the deck, it works until it appears again.
On the capture, we can see the play button blinked quickly as if I didn’t release the hot cue.
I checked the midi menu and the hot cue is released.

Another capture to illustrate the problem: https://file.io/o3DsRU3UJOE2

I’m experiencing the same bug with Reloop Ready and Djay Pro AI on iPad. It doesn’t happen every time and when it does happen, reloading the track makes it go away. I have also checked the Settings->General-> to ensure that "Auto-Play when Triggering Cue Point is turned off.

Has this just started happening with the latest Djay release 4.0.3?
Or has this always happened…

I’m still running 4.0.2. I didn’t notice it before, but I also just got the Reloop Ready so it could have been here before 4.0.2 and I missed it.

I just got the reloop buddy and I’m running the latest release 4.0.3

I have the Buddy as well but use it as a backup to my Rane One…
I will try it with 4.0.3 and see if the issue is there

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With the 4.0.5 the issue is still there :frowning:

Hi @Wing12,

So that our dev team can continue to review this issue could you please renew the file.io links you had originally shared as they have now expired.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!