Can 4 Decks be Controlled with the Rane One?

I have a Rane one connected to a laptop using djay pro. I also have an iPad trying to program it to decks 3&4 on my laptop to have 4 decks. Is there a way? I want 4 decks on my laptop using the iPad as the 3rd and 4th deck. Can it work?

@DJ_A_Diffrance there is not a way to do this within djay Pro AI on its own.

The best way I can think of to achieve something close to what you’re after is to use TouchOSC and create your own touch screen control surface on the iPad. Then you connect the iPad to your Mac wirelessly as a MIDI controller. You could build your TouchOSC screens and controls specifically for Deck 3 and 4.

Check out the post below to get a better idea of what’s possible with TouchOSC:

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Not quite answering your question but i was able to midi map my Rane One to allow for 4 decks in 4 decks mode,It’s not the most ideal way to do this and its a bit cumbersome but it does work…


Thanks you guys.
Soooo…I failed to realize Djay pro allows 4 decks, even with a 2 deck controller. I’m in the process of using keyboard shortcuts to control decks 3&4 while using the Rane one to control decks 1&2. The only problem I’m running into so far is controlling the volume of decks 3&4 without using the crossfader. I’m going to try to map the mic volume knobs to control decks 3&4 as the Rane has 2 mic inputs. Haven’t found a way to disable decks 3&4 from the crossfader.

If anybody reads this far, is there a way to disable decks 3&4 from the crossfader? Hope that makes sense.

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You’re welcome @DJ_A_Diffrance. Set the Crossfader to Thru for Deck 3 and 4 using the drop down menu.

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That’s exactly how I did it on the Rane,
I mapped the Mic 1 & Mic 2 for the volume, for Deck 3 & Deck 4,
Mapped the cue pads in a different mode (I think Slicer which I dont use) for the Cue pads for Deck 3 & Deck 4,
Mapped Shift + Load Prep to select track for Deck 3 & Deck 4,
I can’t remember if there were any other functions that I mapped although the Crossfader was only for Deck 1 & Deck 2…Oh and I think I mapped the Mic Eq 1 & 2 (Only High & Low) for Decks 3 & Deck 4

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Good stuff brother! Thanks again for the input. Mapping is the way. So many possibilities.
Loving the Rane One with DJay Pro. Can’t wait for the update. I think it’s going to be really really dope.

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Got it! Thanks! ……….

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