Can I change the maximum bpm?

Salsa songs often go over 200bpm. DJay pro detects these songs at half the bpm. But if it detects, say 105bpm (e.g. Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida), then the double bpm button is disabled. I found no option to change the maximum bpm, is it somewhere?

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 I have raised the same point several times in recent years. Unfortunately, nothing has ever happened. Fast swing music, especially for Balboa, is also usually faster than 200 BPM. It would be nice if finally a doubling of the speed would be possible even at more than 100 BPM. Sorry, wrong forum: I need this for Mac and iOS. 

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Hi Emil,

Thank you for getting in touch. At the moment we are not supporting a set BPM range setting.

But I added your request to our issue tracker.


Lukas E.

 Have the same problem :relaxed: Every track with <100 bpm can’t be double. Just found this forum, so I was contacting the support via email. Hope they will give us the the oubliette button ASAP. It’s not nice to sync only tracks >100 bpm and tracks <100bpm

Hello…still no update on this essentially issue. I’m sorry, but I really can’t understand why this isn’t possible to update. Itś really annoying. I only can play & mix Music under or above 200 bpm. There is no fun in using this iOS app. Everytime I start, I turn it off because of this problem.