Can’t find record button

I can’t find the record button. Using iPad version pro. Driving me nuts.

Any idea - besides I’m an idiot - why that might be?

Hi @N_C, please press the djay icon at the top center, then select the Modes button on the bottom left of this window and finally you will find the Record icon at the top left of this window. Also, note that recording is disabled when using any streaming service.

It would be convenient if the record icon was always visible.
Maybe this can be implemented in future updates

Hi @maurizio_T, you already suggested this:

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Yes you’re right, I didn’t want to hijack the thread but just wanted to bring it to other users attention in case they missed my original post.
I think this could be a very easy thing to implement and would be very helpful,

Thanks I appreciate the time you took to do this screenshot. I don’t think I would have found it otherwise (and yes I did read the recording section in manual and did look here as directed).

The problem is its greyed out, I just did not see it. I was looking for a red button (I think its red in the manual from memory).

You’re welcome @N_C. Happy to help.