Can we "fix" the iTunes music library in iOS DJay Pro AI?

I import my playlists into my iPad using iTunes. I use Nested Playlists. For example …

Top Level will say Ceremony, Pre-Reception, Reception, Wedding Specials, SafeToPlay…
then below that I may have 20-30 playlists in each. In Apple Music on the iOS it shows the folder structure, in DJay it just lists all 143 playlists in alphabetical order (with the home directory of each “playlist group” at the top in alphabetical order, I don’t need to see my Elementary School playlists when looking for pop/rock Wedding bangers.
screenshots of Apple Music playlist vs DJay playlist listing for examples

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100% agree with you. We already have a topic open for this, would you mind giving us an upvote over there? ITunes Playlist Folders


Bummer by that thread, it’s been 2 years so far. I have a feeling we won’t ever see it.

I opened the thread that is linked. It works as you and I requested in the MacOS version. The way I get around it temporarily in iOS is by numbering my playlists so they will show up alphabetically the way I like in DJay, but still irritating.

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