ITunes Playlist Folders

Please add the ability to display playlists that are in folders for iTunes. Currently I have playlist folders but they show as empty in DJay and the playlists in them show up below.

Hi @DJDon,

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Can you share the device and djay version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Having the same problem! I’m using djay 3.5.4 on a 6th-gen iPad running iOS 13.6.1. It works fine on the Mac but is a mess on iOS.

iPad Air, Latest version of DJay for IOS

Are the playlists in the folders displayed correctly in the Music app of your iOS device?

Yes, they are displayed correctly in the Music app! I’m using iTunes Match so I have the same state on my Mac and my iOS devices. Everything looks fine on the Mac in both and djay Pro, as well as on iOS It’s just djay Pro on iOS that cannot handle folders.

CAn you send a screenshot?
I’m interested.

Unfortunately we are not able to “see” folders provided by the Music app at this moment, as the Music app does not support this. We are aware of the user demand and will see if there will be changes.

@Lukas_E there should be a way! I just installed SongOwl on my iPhone and it is able to see the playlist folders correctly! Would be nice if djay could follow suit…and/or let us select playlists as our favorites as a quick fix. I mostly use the same playlists for DJing anyway and have to scroll a lot every time I want to get to the playlist I want to use.

+1 on this. There are other apps which seem to read the folder structure from iTunes/Apple Music.

This is my #1 issue with Djay on iPad. It makes my nicely curated playlists totally unusable because they appear in a bizarre order. It’s a struggle to re-create the key ones in Djay and keep them in sync manually. Please fix this.

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@Lukas_E , this is a major loss of functionality compared with the MacOS App.
Most DJs have ~100s of playlists across a dozen of folders. Not supporting folders makes DJAY on iPad & iPhone unusable.
Trying to find a playlist buried in a flat list of 200 (not even displayed in alphabetical order) takes forever.
To add insult to injury, the search bar only searches for songs, not playlist names.

As mentioned by other users above, there is no technical reason preventing to access it. There are many iOS Music Apps that can properly display the folders hierarchy (I have folders within folders) and the playlists inside the folders. I use Marvis Pro just as an example: ‎Marvis Pro on the App Store

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Hello Lukas,
Are you referring to Apple Music Library?

On my end, this is happening Looking at iTunes Library.
iTunes (red) show 2,000 + songs,
Djay’s My library (orange) shows 164.

My Stats,
Sync music directly to my iOS devices via iTunes.
I do subscribe to Apple Music, but chose not upload my library to the iCloud.
Therefore I cannot download any music from Apple Music, and do not attempt to play any type of streamed music.
All playlists I use are “Smart Playlists” created in iTunes from my Mac.
So there is no need to use My Library (Orange) within Djay.

Djay is picking up songs that were:
Purchased by iTunes,
Uploaded via Vinyl,
Uploaded via CD.
And yet the amount of music is different.

iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen. 14.1
iPhone X 14.1
Djay 3.5.9

Hope this info is helpful.
Cheers from the US

+1 on this. I mostly use the same playlists for DJing anyway and have to scroll a lot every time I want to get to the playlist I want to use.

Is there any update here? Will we ever get this? The current implementation is very painful:

I open the app and want to get to a specific playlist. Where my playlist is in this list is quite hard to understand so I have to just scroll until I see it, mentally reading every playlist title. Since djay does not display my playlist covers, looking at those is not an option

Another push here because this problem gets worse over time as I‘m creating more and more playlists to tame my library. I have recently started to create mini playlists with four songs or less so I have similar songs in the same playlist. If they would be displayed in their folder hierarchy inside djay, they would be another great way to navigate my library. Like this, I can‘t play from more than one playlist because navigating between them mid-song is so hard.

This is an issue with both itunes folders and Tidal folders. Tidal now gives the ability to created playlists folders, but they don’t show up in dJay. iTunes shows empty folders with the actually playlists below all the empty folders. This would be a huge/needed update.

Its 19th July 2021 and I cannot access playlists that have been created in Folders properly in MacOs Music (pre iTunes) app on DJAY iOS app. I have a folder with 108 playlists in (Each playlist is an album) and I need to be able to access all these albums in the folder on an album by album basis. Currently it shows all 4375 songs individually which is useless

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Can you send us a screen shot?
Do you sync your iPad directly to your Mac?

This is still a big problem because it puts an upper limit on how you can organize your library. I hope this gets addressed because otherwise, I don’t want to depend on my playlists to quickly find something in the middle of the performance.

Thanks for continuing to push this topic. This is an issue that must be fixed on the OS side, and our team has reached out to them to request these changes. We will continue to keep this thread updated with any news.

Thanks again for your patience. We’ll continue to do what we can from our side!

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