ITunes Playlist Folders

Please add the ability to display playlists that are in folders for iTunes. Currently I have playlist folders but they show as empty in DJay and the playlists in them show up below.

Hi @DJDon,

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Can you share the device and djay version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Having the same problem! I’m using djay 3.5.4 on a 6th-gen iPad running iOS 13.6.1. It works fine on the Mac but is a mess on iOS.

iPad Air, Latest version of DJay for IOS

Are the playlists in the folders displayed correctly in the Music app of your iOS device?

Yes, they are displayed correctly in the Music app! I’m using iTunes Match so I have the same state on my Mac and my iOS devices. Everything looks fine on the Mac in both and djay Pro, as well as on iOS It’s just djay Pro on iOS that cannot handle folders.

CAn you send a screenshot?
I’m interested.

Unfortunately we are not able to “see” folders provided by the Music app at this moment, as the Music app does not support this. We are aware of the user demand and will see if there will be changes.