Can we have ios/iPadOs search function on external drive already?? This is crazy

Please, developers,
Could you prioritize this request??
There’s no “workaround” solution that can replace a simple search button for this.
Is it that difficult, please?

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Yes, the Ipad must have ‘search’ functionality for external drives. I had to switch back to my laptop.

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I write a lot of time for this problem in the group in FB and by mail but I haven’t received any reply. Also I switched to MB Air

Upvote :white_check_mark: it here for their attention

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I wouldnt hold your breath!
I messaged Algoriddim support regarding this (along with other issues) well over a year ago & i got a reply saying they had sent all my suggestions for tech support to update the app! And absolutely NON of the issues i highlighted have been fixed!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing your feature request and feedback.

We are tracking this issue, which is on our engineering team’s continued radar.

While I understand that this isn’t the most satisfactory answer, our teams are working as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring features users like you all request and wait for so patiently to djay.

As new information comes in regarding this request, we will continue to update the community.

Thanks all!

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