Please add iOS Search on External Drives

Please, developers,
Could you prioritize this request??
There’s no “workaround” solution that can replace a simple search button for this.
Is it that difficult, please?

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Yes, the Ipad must have ‘search’ functionality for external drives. I had to switch back to my laptop.

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I write a lot of time for this problem in the group in FB and by mail but I haven’t received any reply. Also I switched to MB Air

Upvote :white_check_mark: it here for their attention

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I wouldnt hold your breath!
I messaged Algoriddim support regarding this (along with other issues) well over a year ago & i got a reply saying they had sent all my suggestions for tech support to update the app! And absolutely NON of the issues i highlighted have been fixed!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing your feature request and feedback.

We are tracking this issue, which is on our engineering team’s continued radar.

While I understand that this isn’t the most satisfactory answer, our teams are working as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring features users like you all request and wait for so patiently to djay.

As new information comes in regarding this request, we will continue to update the community.

Thanks all!

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It would be helpful if they added a search window for external SSDs in the new update. Much needed. Due to this, I no longer utilize the I pad as my primary device, but I continue to use the Macbook.

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Your question:

Can’t seem to find an answer to this or more importantly any meaningful work around.
On Mac you can search external drives for songs but can’t do this on iOS , which seems crazy as it’s an iPad that’s always probably gonna have limited storage.
Anyone updates on this ? Or workarounds ? The iOS app is so good but this is a dealbreaker for me.
Thanks all.

Not sure if there’s is an easier way but to do it you will need to have a USB Hub connected then you just need to plug in your External Hard Drive or USB stick load with MP3’s (Haven’t tried WAV so can’t comment)
The to find the Hard Drive, this is where it gets a bit complex,
You need to go to the Files Folder in Djay pro,
Click Add Files and in the Locations column, click on the External Drive and then you can see the MP3’s that are located on that hard Drive.
Select the Track and add it to the Files folder, Then you can play it from the Folder…

As I said this is the way I have found to do it and hopefully someone will chime in and tell us both if there is an easier/quicker way to do it.

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Hi thanks for your reply & help ….
I’ve done all that but I’m talking about searching the files on the hard drive , on the Mac you have the little search box but on iOS you don’t seem to have that.
I want to build playlists from my files on the hard drive but with so many MP3’s over the years a search function is crucial if you don’t know what folder a song could be in. In the Mac it’s easy.
Cheers for trying to help :slight_smile:


Hi @Wayne_Clark, I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one. Search on external drives is currently not supported on iOS.

Thanks @Slak_Jaw for the info , could really do
With this feature

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Absolutely agree with this !

You’re welcome @Wayne_Clark. I have confirmed with the engineering team that this, unfortunately, is a limitation imposed by iOS and beyond our control to address. Support for this needs to be added by Apple. Currently, the only work around is to import your files into the My Collection source in djay.

Hi again @Wayne_Clark, please refer to this FAQ article for how to add files to My Collection. This guide is for cloud services, but the process is very similar for external drives. I hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks much appreciated……
It’s the searching of files that’s so important when you are open format and have thousands of songs in all sorts of folders.
Anyway see what the dev team say ?
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @Wayne_Clark. The dev team has already confirmed above that this is locked by iOS and beyond their control to address. I recommend that all users in this thread contact Apple support and communicate their interest in adding this capability to iOS.

I want to import my hard drive at once! However, the app does not allow me to import my drive folder or “master folder”. The app only allows me to import actual files contained in a single folder only, one at a time. My hard drive that has 190 folders (and subfolders) therefore can not be humanly possible to import. Can that importation process be simplified by algoriddim team??