cannot use audiobus when connected to wego

Help!!! I really want to use audio bus. The apps all work and main audio out works. But the headphones stop working . Ive checked the Djay settings but nothing has helped…

What are your settings in djay? Also, which channel did you select in Audiobus?

As far as I know, Audio’s doesn’t support multi-channel per default. I believe you need to purchase the “Multi-routing” extra in order to be able to have the two output channels from djay.

I recommend contacting Audiobus support to make sure.

This is not an issue with the controller, it will most likely be the same with any multi-channel audio interface.

Please keep me posted.

Wow, ok sorry to hear that.

Can you please just ask Audiobus if it supports multiple channels coming from the same app? And also if Audiobus supports outputting multiple channels to a multi-channel audio interface?

I guess it’s not supported then, sorry.

Yes, it’s me. :slight_smile:

@SteNight: That’s interesting. So, the latest version of Audiobus works multi-channel audio interfaces and with djay < 2.6?

In this case, I might be wrong and it is indeed an issue with one of our recent updates. I’ll try this asap.

Hi, In Djay the settings are pre cueing as normal.
Audio device main out…on 1-2
Pre cueing…on 3-4
But even if I swap these nothing happens to the headphones.
So in audiobus the chain is input =Djay + effects =Aufx peakQ (an equaliser/compressor app) +output = system audio output.
In audiiobus settings there’s latency . Load press app state, feedback warning, measurement mode, input gain. The main output is fine so the routing from the app is okay . That’s it.
I’m using iPad 4 with ios 7.1.2 and latest version of Djay.
I really need audio bus to work because I’ve noticed to really be able to use Djay and wego 3 in a club environment I need more control over the eq hence audiobus.
Thanks for your help Warren.

Any ideas why it’s happening?

I did already purchase it yesterday but it doesn’t give any options to route out audio differently. As soon as I plug in Djay to audiobus - even by itself alone the headphones just stop working. This is a shame cos I really wanted to use audiobus as there’s a world of apps to try with djay. Does audiobus work normally with the old wego s and idj pro, reloop etc ? I’ve sent audiobus an email too , waiting for a reply.

Hi, this is the reply I got from audiobus.
Sorry, I don’t know anything about that piece of gear and thus cannot give support for it. Maybe contact the manufacturer directly?
-I’m getting a bit confused now , who is responsible for fixing this ? It’s the newest controller added to Djay and I’ve found a fault where it’s not working as advertised. Djay + controller + audiobus I’ve spent a reasonable amount of cash on this now already and alot of time. I’ve contacted Pioneer on the forum today too. How is it gonna ever be fixed if everyone says it’s nothing to do with them :-/ I know your busy Warren but could you chase this up for me pleeeaaaseee ?

Hi Warren, I just got off the phone with a pioneer engineer. He said they can’t help because there isn’t an official collaboration between Pioneer and audiobus. All he said was that it’s not a pioneer fault but a ‘software’ one.
So I’m not sure is this a new uncovered issue that needs to be ironed out?
You didn’t actually say if audiobus +Djay + headphone cueing works perfectly with other controllers reloop vestax idj pro etc

Hi Warren, this was one of the last replies from audiobus
Yeah your headphone port won’t work once this is connected. It’s all routed through that device. But that’s just a guess. I really can’t tell you anything specific about it.
He wouldn’t go into specifics. But I’m sad to say I just received reloop beatpad and tried audiobus .
Again the headphones goes dead. Ok I’ll sebastion / audiobus tomorrow …

I just passed your question on to audiobus.

I think this is the answer …

Yes to multiple inputs, no to multiple output channels. We’re working on that though.

Sebastian Dittmann

Thanks…hopefully they’ll update it soon. I’ve just seen Traktor dj now supports audio bus. I’ll try it in the morning but best guess is the headphones on s2 also stop working.

That’s really interesting you wrote that steNight as Djay seemed to blame audiobus . And audiobus have said they’ll be working on multiple output in the future. Thanks .

I have the exact same problem with Vestax Spin 2, but I have not rolled back my DJay version. Which is also advertised as a DJay 2 supported controller.
The pre-cue works until the app is inserted in Audiobus.

I have the exact same problem with Vestax Spin 2, but I have not rolled back my DJay version. Which is also advertised as a DJay 2 supported controller.
The pre-cue works until the app is inserted in Audiobus.