Can't set beat grid in djay for Mac?

So, am I to understand that djay for Mac does not show or allow the setting of the beat grid for a track, nor does it sync the set beat grid from djay 2? Am I just missing something?

This is not supported on djay for Mac, yet.

djay for Mac will surely benefit from all the work and development we’ve put into djay 2 for iOS.
Good times are ahead! :wink:

We know you’ve been waiting patiently, but not to worry we have lots of big plans for djay for Mac in the future, and we think you’ll be blown away when you see what we’ve been working on. No date to give at this time, but rest assured we want it as much as you do. Stay tuned!

Reload the track and it will show the corrected beat grid.

Darn, I was hoping that would work for you. I am sure they will have a solution for you soon.

Have a great gig!

Refund? Relax man… an update is coming, as Adrian said and he said IT WAS FIXED in the update.

Either wait or go with another software. It’s that easy!

When its ready and not a moment sooner. Makes sense, right?

It wasn’t ready in the last update. Do you think they purposely leave out fixes? Would make no sense to do that.

HI any update on that? :slight_smile:

Sweet! Can’t wait! (Even though we have to lol)

It’s going to feel like Christmas when we find out! Hope it’s soon!

Hi Gee, just curious, what monitor are you using with your Mac Mini when you play out at gigs?

First of all, sorry for my off-topic comments! Looking forward to the beat grid fix also! I like the iPad for portability and it’s great for jog and transport control, but I would need to use it with a midi mixer for EQ, Cues, Loops, Rolls and cross-fader most importantly… Also not enough storage for my personal taste as I mix a lot of different genres of music, for all ages… Hoping for a bigger and better iPad Pro this fall!

With reference to using a Mac mini (neatly tucked away under my Denon MC6000mk2) instead of a Macbook (high priced and obtrusive), right now I’m using my Mac mini with a 15" view sonic monitor, but I prefer something more portable. I’ve used USB monitors but they are laggy and also slow down your processor. I’m looking for a nice balance between the small built-in displays in the newer controllers (e.g. NV and NS7III) and an expensive laptop blocking the view of the audience, or off to the side. Recently I’ve come across more portable HDMI displays that use USB only for power; the GeChic model is pricey though ($300+), but the Gaems M155 display ($169) looks like it could nicely sit right behind my controller!

Since I’ve try the v2 on my iOS device I can’t wait for my mac :slight_smile:

Can we have an idea about the release date of the next version of Djay for mac?

Hi, I am using Djay Pro ver 1.1.3 I am no longer able to alter beat grid. Please advice. Thanks

 This will be fixed by the next update. Hopefully you can make it until then…

Me too. I am playing at a small venue this Saturday (in 5 days time) and now the grid is not matching up properly and it is messing up my mixing.

I’m not sure how long it has been like this as i had not used it for a couple of months. It was ok before then.

This is really annoying. Please help.

Thanks for the reply but I have tried that. For some reason the beat grids on both decks do not always line up even though they have the same bpm and are synced.

I have tried it on my ipad and thankfully it is fine so it looks like i’ll be using that on Saturday.

Yes i hope so too. Thanks.

Hi Adrian thanks for your reply, is it possible to revert back to the old version? I’m playing out on saturday and would prefer to use my mac mini rather than my iPad.