Change colors pad on novation launchpad

You can change the color of your hot cue and that’s great. You can already get these dynamic hot cue colors on your pads when using a native controller like the reloop buddy. But can u do that with a very generic midi controller like the novation launchpad ?

I’ve tried to look at the midi configuration on Reloop Buddy, it seems there’s something about the 0-127 value that change. Can djay pro send the right info back to the controller ?

This might not work for you or might not work with v5, but we had a discussion about this very thing here.

Have a thorough read and see if it helps.


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Hey sootee thanks very much for this thread. I tried to find my way on whats discussing but it seems that the conclusion is always that you need a custom mapping from algoriddim on a supported controller.

Do you know more ?

Hi @le3_dj,

  1. You can manually change the hot cue colors via the MIDI mapping by changing the min (off color) and max (on color) values in the Advanced MIDI Out Configuration section.
  2. However, this will result in fixed colors that do not dynamically update based on the colors set in the djay Pro UI.
  3. As @sooteee mentioned via the link, this needs to be done by editing the XML file. However, this method is not officially supported by Algoriddim and is not recommended unless you have experience editing XML files.

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