Change Key Sync behaviour to match CDJ-3000

Please change the Key Sync behaviour to match the system the Pioneer CDJ-3000 uses. The current DJay system simply matches the key of the new track to the one playing. This means the key could be altered by as much as 6 notes to achieve a match. Doing this almost always sounds terrible.

The CDJ-3000 Key Sync limits the key change to a maximum of +2 or -2 notes so the results sound much better. It achieves this by first assuming that adjacent and diagonal keys in the Camelot Wheel are compatible with each other. So 8A is compatible with 7A, 9A, 7B, 8B and 9B. The great thing about this is by moving any song up a note, up two notes, down a note, or down two notes, it can potentially be mixed harmonically with any other song. So instead of simply matching the key, the CDJ-3000 will adjust the key up or down by 1 or 2 notes until it finds a matching OR compatible key. Making this change would make Key Sync much more useful.

I achieve these same results by manually adjusting the key, but this process is quite cumbersome. Especially because DJay does not use the Chamelot key notation. First of all, with your key notation, you definitely need to be looking at a Key Wheel. Second, you need to manually adjust the key of the new track up or down by 1 or 2 keys while referring to the Key Wheel until you find an exact key match or compatible key next to it. For example, if my current track is key Am (8A) and my new track is Fm (4A), I would increase the key by 1 to get F#m (11A) which is not compatible. So increase key by 2 to get Gm (6A) which is also not compatible. So decrease key by 1 to get Em (9A) which is compatible. A slow trial and error process. Please at least change the DJay key notation to the Camelot system so that referring to a Key Wheel is not needed. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Nice to see the open key format added to the latest release! Thank you Algoriddim.

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