Match Key -> Fuzzy Key Mixing

Related to Change Key Sync behaviour to match CDJ-3000 I’d love a setting for Fuzzy Key Mixing, just like the CDJ’s do.

Long story short, far more keys are compatible in most cases and a maximum transposition of -/+ 2 sounds way better than exactly matching the keys of two tracks when the pitch shift is out of this range (e.g. +/- 4).

Older versions of Djay had an option to ignore Major / Minor, but this is gone too (at least, I can’t seem to find it anymore). A preference for Fuzzy Key Mixing instead of forcing an exact match would be awesome.

More background info here: Fuzzy Keymixing: The Easy New Way To Mix Anything Into Anything

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I originally suggested this back in January 2021 and it’s finally here! Fuzzy Key Mixing in Djay 4.0.4. Nice work Algoriddim!


January 2021. Finally? It’s lightning fast in Djay terms. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

All kidding aside, nice work indeed. Cheers crew! :partying_face:

I’m interested in using this new feature (particularly as there is no integration between Mixed in Key and Djay Pro AI - yet!).

Cam anyone explain how to use fuzzy key mixing in 4.0.5?

In the settings, go to Library → Match. Set to ‘Fuzzy’.

Load tracks, click on the key and hit the ‘Match’ button.

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Exactly what @Mister_Tuur said. To clarify how this differs from the Exact Key Match, here’s an explanation of how Fuzzy Key Mixing works:

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@Kpod21 and if you want to know more, check out this article by Digital DJ Tips. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they came up with the idea and name Fuzzy Key Mixing:

Thanks so much both of you, this is awesome! Can’t wait to give it a try. Was struggling a bit using Mixed in Key trying to find enough songs that were compatible (I have a fairly small library) - this is a game/changer.

I suppose one issue would be that a strong vocal track might sound strange in a different key?

You’re welcome. Yeah you definitely want to be careful with vocal tracks; especially ones that are very popular and easily recognized. With tracks like this, I would recommend not changing the key of the vocal track and instead us Key Match to change the key of the other track that you want to mix with it.