Changes/Adjustments for iOS Version

Remove Spotify

Remove djay Pro AI Menu:
Consolidate Classic, One Deck, 2 Decks, 4 Decks
Add Automix and Video on the interface

-Consolidate the displays for Downbeat/Grid settings with BPM/Tempo settings for both decks
-Don’t reset Dry/Wet effects after track load
-Permanently save Dark Mode for waveforms
-Add the option for an inverted Vertical Waveform display
-Add the option for a Horizontal Waveform display in vertical view

Within Settings:
-MIDI control for double tapping a button
-Disable hotkeys for keyboard
-Add the option for an all Dark Mode for the User Interface appearance
-Add the option to Reset Grid in MIDI Mapping

Music Library:
-BUG FIX Show the BPM display for the decks when library is expanded while in horizontal view
-Add the right sidebar filter seeker in djay playlists, files and streaming services after applying a filter (BPM, Title, etc.)
-Add feature to move and remove playlist icons from the left sidebar (Streaming Services, Demo Tracks, Videos)
-Add Rating Filter feature and Comments Section for Library
-Add two ways to sort music (ex. Sort BPM in order first, then Genre)
-Add the option to view song files in a smaller/skinnier size without album cover on the left side
-Add the option for “any” of the following rules when adding another filter within Smart Playlists
-Add the option to search for music for the current playlist opened
-Add the option to expand the library window pop-up after choosing “Load Track 1/2” in vertical view
-Option to add iTunes music to djay Playlists

Hello Garrett_Smith,
I don’t want to offend you, but I think the way you set up your suggestions is not the perfect way. I appreciate that you have thought very well about the things that you are missing or what could be better.

For the team it might be ok to see this big list, but for the people who Want to vote for specific it might be not the best way. I saw in your last suggestion topic there were some people who wrote a +1 in their reply, but this is not the way this suggestion forum works.

Wouldn’t it be better to make at least three separately topics for your suggestions, like interface / settings / music library??

In addition you could also choose One point of each section that you miss the most To get it on the top of changes in the voting.

Best wishes, bro :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:

You’re right, I should’ve split up the topics separately. I did overanalyze a lot of it but that’s just what I would like to see added in the future. I know I mentioned it in another topic but I wanted to edit that one which it wouldn’t let me.
I love using the app, ever since the first version on the iPod Touch. They definitely improved a lot over the years.

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