Changing cue buttons' color on Kontrol S3 + Fx section

Hi there !
I’ve just got the NI Kontrol S3 and want to use it with Djay Pro AI on my iPad but got a few issues.

There is already an official mapping that gives quite a lot of features but some are missing like all the FX section (select, assign and tweaking for instance). I can map instant Fx to the pads but… would be nice to be able to use all of this amazing controller possibilities.

But my biggest concern is : how can I change the color of the cue pads to match those on screen (blue, orange, etc…) as it only shows blue blue blue on the pads. Tried to play with the min/max values slides and other but no success so far.

Thanks for your help and have a great day !


No one ? no possibility to change the colors ???

Hi @gric,

Thank you for your post and apologies for the delay.

I’ve gone ahead and passed along your inquiry to our QA Team for review. I will keep you updated with their findings and hope to be the bearer of good news sooner rather than later!

Thanks a lot for your help, I hope they’ll find a solution !

Have a great day !