cleaning up missing files

Hi there,
I’m cleaning up my external hd by deleting doubles and unwanted files. If I open DJay these file appear greyed out in my library offcourse.
Is there a way to select all these files in the library at once and delete them from the library?


Hi @Dooper,

Thanks for posting in the Algoriddim Community.

You can click here the “Relink Missing Files in My Collection” and djay will try to relocate your files.

However, if the copy of the song that you initially passed to djay was removed, you’ll need to re-add it.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

Hi Guillermo,
I know I can relink but I want to delete all greyed out tracks from my library and not relink them

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Is there a way to do this in iOS?
(Find/Relink Missing files)

Try picking one of those songs in Apple Music.
Then delete there. Think djay is looking in there.

I understand what you mean.

Rekordbox, for an example, has an option to “find missing files”, then you can delete them from that app’s “collection” (aka library) en masse.

Rather than “Relink missing files” I think “List missing files” would be better, with the option then offered to choose whether to relink or delete them from library / collection?

Perhaps the functionality to remove exists but hidden or worded in a different way?
Do you get a list of files under the “Relink” option that you can swipe left on each to delete for example?
What does “Refresh library” do?

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Hey Guillermo,
Any ideas? Trying to delete not replace.

Hi guys,

Thanks you all for staying so active in this thread.

I see… Please note that it’s currently not possible to bulk-remove all missing files in your library. That is an interesting idea.

It’s not currently possible to do so on iOS. Would you like to get rid of some grayed-out tracks in your library that way?

I really like this idea Tony, I’ll push this internally.

You’d use this in the case you’ve edited a playlist outside of djay and you’d like these changes to appear in your djay Library.

To be clear - a question for you everyone here - you guys are all using the “My Collection” djay Library section, right? Is somebody using the Finder section of the djay Library?

Cheers, G

Sorry G I’ve got no idea what that means?

I see neither “my collection” nor “finder” anywhere on the



Hey Tony,
My collection is the gray box ether Djay record logo.
Is finder the Search?

Hi guys,

Yeah, Tony, Fred is right. My Collection is the library section with the djay logo in it. The Finder/Files section of the library is the one with the blue folder (Apple’s Files integration on iOS).

Side note: you can show more libraries sections by tapping on the three dots to the left.

Soo… Are you guys using the Files/Finder library section or djay’s My Collection?

Hope to hear from you all.

Cheers, G