Compatibility between HDMI output and Reloop buddy audio output using iPadAir

I’m trying to make a setup for Vjing with djay por AI + iPad Air + Reloop buddy + usb-c dock (with hdmi + usb-a + usb-c-powered).

Without connecting the HDMI for the video output the master and pre-cue audio outputs from reloop buddy works perfect. Once the HDMI is connected the audio output is switch to the HDMI but even if from the settings is selected the reloop buddy again as the audio output the sound not works.

Can you give me a solution to do a PRO setup using djay IOS (iPad) with the video output for HDMI and the audio output for Reloop buddy?


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This workaround also works in my issue: iPad USB sound routing issue

Workaround = 1. Connect first HDMI. 2. Then select [Output to iPad Speaker]. 3. and then connect the Reloop buddy controller. With this order the video outpot works on hdmi and the audio output works in the reloop controller.

Definitely this is a BUG, because the selector of the audio output on the settings not works when 2 external aoutputs are connected (in this case HDMI and Reloop buddy). Just works with this trick.

I wish you resolve this soon.



I have a similar setup but connect to the TV via Apple TV (AirPlay). Unfortunately the workaround described by you doesn’t work in my case