Config profiles

Would it be possible to add switchable config profiles in Djay Pro AI?

A use case might make this easier. I’ll just cover ‘cue’ and ‘sync’ buttons as they cover it concisely, but there’s a few other settings I fiddle around with.

I use DJ Pro in three separate settings:

  1. Dance music DJing - I like sync to stay ‘on’ unless I specifically turn it off, cos beatmatching is a thing. I want ‘cue’ to start playing the track. This is my normal, bread-and-butter usage.
  2. Mobile disco DJing - I act as a mobile DJ 2 or 3 times a year - the kind that plays popular music from the hit parade! Anyway, for this - beatmatching is less of a thing, so maybe sometimes I’d like to beatmatch a couple of tracks but I’d generally like it to turn ‘off’ after the sync has finished so that I don’t accidentally play the next record at the ‘wrong’ speed. I want ‘cue’ to start playing the track.
  3. ‘bingo beats’ - I play a short snippet of a song from (e.g.) a film, they cross that film off on their bingo card. Bingo, right? Automix is so good for this. I want ‘cue’ to take me to the relevant position in the track, but not play it.

So, what I’d like is to be able to create 3 profiles in DJ Pro AI - ‘dance music’, ‘mobile DJ’, and ‘bingo beats’. I could then go in to config, select whichever of those was appropriate, and have all my settings saved for that particular use case.


Now that is a brilliant idea, something like the profiles created on Netflix? You could have up to 5 users in one household, and each of their personal information/taste is stored under their profile.

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