Connect 2 controllers to Pro 5?

Hi group

Im considering moving over to Djay pro 5 , its a really nice platform and great features. Nicely designed.

i wanted to ask if anyone knows if its possible to connect 2 controllers at once and how it would effect mappings?

I am thinking of connecting example - Reloop Mixtour (or Mixtour all in one) as the mixer and basic transport control , filter potentially fx select.

but i would also like to have pad controller to access cues, slicer , loops etc and potentially FX etc. maybe something like the pioneer DDJ-XP2.(and create mapping).

is this possible and is there likely to be any issues using two?
like mapping some functions on the DDJ-XP2 will remove them form say the Mixtour etc?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

It’s recommended to search the forum before posting.

There are also YouTube videos on this topic.

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i thought it would allow it , does anyone know if there’s any overlap - for example can you only have 1 controller mapped to a play or cue button - or can two controllers map to the same function / button ?

I think in the likes of traktor that is possible , if i remember correctly

Hi @Converted, as @PKtheDJ shared above (thanks by the way!), this is definitely possible. Note that all functions on each controller with operate as they would by themselves. So Play will operate as normal on both devices.

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great stuff ,

brill - im looking forward to giving it a go, cheers

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