Continued RANE One Issues

Hi, I posted a while back when I first got the RANE one on what everyones experience has been like - unfortunately at the moment this just isnt fit for purpose. I played my first club gig at the weekend there and just couldn’t trust taking the RANE and had to go back to the DDJ-400. reasons as follows;

  • Song Volume Levels - Some songs can be a lot louder than others so a constant juggle with the levels of the songs to keep them in line and not mix a song that completely takes over. This has been one of the most annoying issues - even trying to make mixes to upload - you end up with a file where the volumes sways all the way through.

  • Song Pitch - What you can do on one deck can affect the pitch/tone of the other deck woth no consistency as to what and when this may happen.

  • Song Pitch pt2 - if you start a song using hot cue button and then press play button you will hear a noticable dip in pitch for a couple of seconds

  • Song Pitch pt3 - sometimes the song will just dip in pitch for no reason at all.

Neural Mix - I find you have to be very careful with this - if you try and do utilise too much of this function it can cause lags and dips in pitch - can also unalign songs that have been matched

Crossfader - Many times during the mix it will change the crossfader function from default to gradual which again causes volume level issues.

FX Paddles - Think this has been raised before but it akes no difference which paddle you use, be great if you could seperate this out.

Anyone else had similar issues to this?

I am literally at the end of my tether with it and cant see another option but to move to Serato where I can actually use the RANE one I paid all that money for lol.

I’d appreciate any help if possible.


Can’t answer all your questions/points but can agree with Song Pitch pt2…

This appears to be the case only if the pitch of the track you are attempting to play is off zero…
This could be fixed by being able to turn the motors/platters off and using the Cue & Play to start the track. Switching the motors/platters now does nothing besides stop the motor.
Changing the motor torque setting at the back of the Rane makes no difference either.

Song Pitch Pt 3 appears to happen when you use Sync with two tracks and you stop the track you mix out,
I haven’t noticed this issue of late as I think it may have been corrected in one of the last updates.

The FX paddles has been addressed and somewhat corrected with the latest updates (actually one or two updates ago)
The left paddle is set to control effects 1-3,
The right paddle is set to control effects 4-5,

Ideally though we would prefer to have 6 different effects that can be controlled by either paddle…
This is how it works in Serato…
Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to have it work like that as well…

I have two iPads that I have used, an iPad 5 and iPad 6…I have noticed Neural mix lag on the iPad 5 but not on the iPad 6…What iPad are you using? (if you are using one)

With the Crossfader, I haven’t experienced any issues but I find the best setting for me is to keep the Crossfader Contour setting at 7 on the Rane and The Crossfader curve set to Default in the Dj Pro settings.

I have learnt to live with the quirks of both the Rane and Dj Pro, especially the way I have midi mapped it to suit my needs, but would of course love to see more improvements…
Here’s hoping…


Thanks a lot for your reply - Very Helpful!

Anyone from @algoriddim have a view?

It appears that l have found (by accident) a sort of work around for the issue Rane One users are having in regards to the point that Shume brought up which was ,

  • Song Pitch pt2 - if you start a song using hot cue button and then press play button you will hear a noticable dip in pitch for a couple of seconds…(Only if Key Lock is on and the Pitch faders are not at 0)

As Rane One owners using Algoriddim Djay have already found out, the Motor off function doesn’t work or do anything like it does with Serato…
As l said, l accidentally discovered a way to make it work…but not by using that button.

The way it works is if you press and hold any Cue button, then press and hold the Shift button, then release the Cue button, then release the Shift button, the track plays but the platter remains still,
Yes l know it sounds longer and complicated than it actually is but it works…

What this does is it allows the track to play but the platter doesn’t move…Which is what the Motor off function does…

In doing this it doesn’t matter whether Key Lock is activated or not or where the position of the Pitch fader is in, the sudden dip in pitch doesn’t occur…
However if you press the Start/Stop button, the platter will start to spin and you will hear that sudden dip in pitch. Again, only if the Key Lock is on or the Pitch faders are not on 0…

One thing to note though, with the Motor off function, the platter becomes functionless in the fact that you won’t be able to scratch or pitch bend by touching the platter, Starting the platter reactivates this function though.

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for posting these bugs and findings on the RANE ONE with the Algoriddim Community.

I’d like to point out that we are investigating the pitch-bend issues described here and in this other thread. Your comments have been very helpful getting to the bottom of this.

I’d like to address each of the other issues mentioned here individually:

@SHUME Have you been using Auto-Gain? You can set it up in the Mixer section of the djay settings. Having this on will normalize the volume of your mix. Could you try to check whether having this on/off changes anything? Could you test the behavior on the DDJ-400 is it different?

@SHUME I haven’t been able to reproduce this. When this happens, do you have sync active? Do you normally mix using key-lock and sync? Could you please share a video of this happening?

@SHUME Could you please also share a video of this happening? This is something we are currently investigating, we kindly ask for your patience while we do so. Could you also please tell us the specs of the device you’re using djay on and what macOS version you’re running? Does it also occur when the RANE ONE is not connected?

@SHUME The RANE ONE has a knob in the front of the controller that controls the crossfader curve, please check that the position didn’t change while you were mixing. I don’t think it’s possible that the crossfader curve in djay would change by itself while you’re mixing. Could this also be related to the auto-gain stuff mentioned above.

We appreciate your collaboration in helping us improve the RANE ONE integration on djay. We hope to bring these fixes out as soon as possible. Thank you guys for being patient. I’ll keep you guys posted with any news.

Cheers, G

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Thank You very much for the reply!

I will get replies over to you on the actions you have asked of me.

Much Appreciated!



In the latest version of djay PRO AI for iOS and Mac (3.8.4 and 3.1.9 respectively), we fixed the following issues:

  • The short pitch-bend issue when starting the jog-wheel with key lock enabled. (here referred to as “Song Pitch pt2”)
  • There was a speed bump when jumping to a cue point with key lock enabled.

We hope this improves your experience when mixing on the RANE ONE with djay.

I’ll stay tuned for more info about the other issues you reported.

Cheers, G


Disregard my comment…Thanks

I have this same problem

Song Pitch pt2 - if you start a song using the hot cue button and then press the play button, you will hear a noticeable drop in pitch for a few seconds!!!

I haven’t experienced that glitch since last year when it was addressed in the Update of the time but I will try and replicate it on my end and report back…

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