Controller and usb storage same time on ipad

Has anyone found a magical way of being able to use a controller and also use external usb storage at the same time? I noticed the lightning connection splitters only allow charging on one side and headphones on the other side, so i doubt they would work in this case, but has anyone tried and been succesful?

I know i could use icloud drive (i currently have itunes match) but my problem is not having enough storage on my ipad to load a whole playlist of music and it would be handy not having to delete files to download others.

Easy: just use the apple lightning to USB adapter which also have a lightning power input. Successfully tried with my mixon4 and external powered USB drive , and also some USB key

sure, here it is :

yes you can read the tracks directly from Djay : in fact it’s like you add index of the folder you choose from the drive to Djay and it appears like a playlist into Djay
then you can play any file of this (kind of) playlist

here is the news you missed :…

oh it’s a pity… yes, iOS/iPadOS 13 required for that…

in fact all this happens through the Files app included into Djay : then you can access everything that the (iPad) Files app can access, including Dropbox, Google Drive or … network access :slight_smile:
(at least this works under iOS 13 … just try under you actual OS)

not directly an answer but this is a potential workaround - store 100’s  of tracks on a wireless drive ie ie a WD Passport Wireless drive or an Airstash and leave space on your iPad for say 30 songs - you can load off the wireless drive on request in the same was as iCLoud but without needing a wireless access point at the gig (you create a direct wireless connection - iPad to your wireless drive) it does create a local copy of said track on your iPad so you still need to manage space requirement 

Will this work with an older ipad? Not on ios13?

Also not happy about this being an “ios13” only feature

I will do it and take it back if it doesnt and let you know. How do i get the files app?

Would a wifi usb device work do you think?

Nightmare situation this… i don’t really want to front the money for a brand new ipad just for this feature.

Hi. Could you explain how this is done? I am having difficulty actually doing these steps. It would be much appreciated.

Ipad mini 2 mate

I will check it out.

According to one of the developers here there is an option to play music through the “Open In” section of this guide…

Have you found a solution mate?

Yes same here mate. Might get a second hand ipad pro for cheap after crimbo when everybody skint.

Do you think a jailbroken ipad mini 2 will work?

Sweet, can you send me a link to the one you have…

Awesome… one more question, can your read the tracks from the usb hd/flash drive? Or does it have to be transfered to the actual ipad?

I have a mixon4 also so i am hoping you have saved all my problems.