Could anyone help me to use djay Pro on XDJ RX3

Hi guys, I got xdj xr3 and it is pretty hard to set up on dj pro. how cain i do that?

Hi @Rodrigo_Class,

  1. The RX3 is not officially supported on macOS: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim
  2. You can use the following guide to help you MIDI map it yourself:
  3. You can also vote here to add support for this hardware: Pioneer xdj-rx3 midi support

The RX3 does not get detected as a midi device when you plug it into the Macbook and look for it on the app… so it is not currently possible to use the midi mapping function to do this.

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Wow, super thanks guys. I lot of information, really thank you. I will try it again. Shame XR3 doesn’t work on DJ Pro as XR2 and XZ does.
Have fantastic Week guys!

Thank you very much, i will try it again.

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