Pioneer xdj-rx3 midi support


Does anyone know when djay pro will support a midi mapping for the rx3? I tried but it is not working yet, have to map it manually, but that is not ideal.

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Also have the same issue. Would love it sorted ASAP as I have a heap of Xmas gigs coming up

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Anybody got a midi file for this made?

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Hey guys,

this controller is not currently supported on djay PRO AI. However, I’d like to point out that you can map any MIDI controller yourself using the MIDI-Learn feature. You can find a full description here, depending on the system you are using:

djay makes this a really straightforward process.

We’ll let you guys know as soon as there’s official support for the XDJ-RX3. It would be great if you guys could vote/comment in this thread if you’re interested in using this controller with djay.

Cheers, G

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Most of it is the same, can we at least get the RX2 map converted to RX3? It would be a lot easier to map what’s wrong/missing after converting. I really only need the decks mapped, the mixer I use in external/XDJ mode


I would like to use this with Djay Pro AI! Thanx

Would love my new RX3 to be compatible with DJ pro. Tried mapping it myself and I may as well try and knit a yoghurt… Its just not happening with my skill set… Very hard and and some really important controller options seem to be missing as well even if I could do it (line faders for example… Cant find them on there) Anyone help in anyway please? Just not really feeling this Rekordbox display in comparison to Djay pro… Cheers

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Voting for this too! Please take note Algoriddam Staff. Would love to use the controller with Djay.

Does anyone know how this would impact the in-built display. Would the Djay interface be shown? That would be awesome but not sure if this would be the case.

Peace & love