Pioneer xdj-rx3 midi support


Does anyone know when djay pro will support a midi mapping for the rx3? I tried but it is not working yet, have to map it manually, but that is not ideal.


Also have the same issue. Would love it sorted ASAP as I have a heap of Xmas gigs coming up

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Anybody got a midi file for this made?

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Hey guys,

this controller is not currently supported on djay PRO AI. However, I’d like to point out that you can map any MIDI controller yourself using the MIDI-Learn feature. You can find a full description here, depending on the system you are using:

djay makes this a really straightforward process.

We’ll let you guys know as soon as there’s official support for the XDJ-RX3. It would be great if you guys could vote/comment in this thread if you’re interested in using this controller with djay.

Cheers, G


Most of it is the same, can we at least get the RX2 map converted to RX3? It would be a lot easier to map what’s wrong/missing after converting. I really only need the decks mapped, the mixer I use in external/XDJ mode


I would like to use this with Djay Pro AI! Thanx

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Would love my new RX3 to be compatible with DJ pro. Tried mapping it myself and I may as well try and knit a yoghurt… Its just not happening with my skill set… Very hard and and some really important controller options seem to be missing as well even if I could do it (line faders for example… Cant find them on there) Anyone help in anyway please? Just not really feeling this Rekordbox display in comparison to Djay pro… Cheers


Voting for this too! Please take note Algoriddam Staff. Would love to use the controller with Djay.

Does anyone know how this would impact the in-built display. Would the Djay interface be shown? That would be awesome but not sure if this would be the case.

Peace & love

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Is any idea when midi support for RX3 will happen?

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Me too waiting. Thank you

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yes please! a real must given support for XDJ-RX2 and XDJ-RX

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Ditto. I tried using the mapping on the App, but it is just not working

Got so use to using all the AI features and using a Pioneer Wego 4 for years. Now I have the XDJ-RX3 it is a shame that there is no mapping as of yet to exploit this fantastic product using Djay. Now spending too much time trying to learn Rekordbox and intelligent crates which are just rules vs djaying with a compatible Djay controller it is seamless when streaming from Tidal. Common Algoriddem get a mapping for this product so we can push the AI djaying to the next level with advanced pioneer products

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Still not working a year after your post…

Another vote for Algoriddim on the RX3 pleeeease make this happen soon :pray:t2:

I also would love to use my RX3 with DJay AI software. Please!!!

Please add support for the rx3, just got it last week and I love algoriddim software!

Hello, i am also waiting for the update for Djay ai for Rx3. When it will be available

Thank u

Algoriddim staff, I will also be interested in using DJ Pro AI with the XDJ RX3. Please make it happen!


Algorithm staff, I would also like to be able to use DJ Pro AI with the XDJ RX3. Pleeeeeease, make it happen! :pray::pray::pray: