Could not load track Spotify session not available. Please check your internet connection

There must be a bug with Djay Pro and I am not the only one to have it

After playing 2 to 4 songs via Spotify I get the message “Could not load track”
“spotify session not available. Please check your internet connection”

Nothing wrong with Spotify or my internet connection. Used different Mac and different internet connection.

Others have mentioned it and it appears a fundamental bug

Hoping to get some official response before New Years Eve, i was planning to use it for a family party in a hall.

Dont let me down Algoriddim :wink:

I had this happen last night. I have been trying to use this as a back up to my main system, but I need to be able to count on it.

iPad air 2 with Verizon cell signal. Signal was strong. I was able to get song directly in Spotify.

I closed out of djay pro and restarted program on iPad, it worked again for a bit then error came again.

Spotify itself worked fine

it was a Desaster- the party is now finished

I have same issue with Djay Pro 2.0.1 on latest version of MacOS 10.13.2

honestly, how come a bug doesn’t get fixed in three years! I have spotify premium account and using SOCKS proxy to access internet

I have the premium version too

What is the story with this?? Software is not cheap and you can’t even use it the first day to host a small event.

I have the premium version.

Issues like this could be avoided if you could negotiate access to their “sandbox” of offline music.

Another way would be to negotiate caching of Spotify songs within Djay on a time-limited basis. So we mark Djay2 playlists as offline and they are cached and remain available for say 72 hours.

Same for me… Premium but timeout error

Yesterday’s Spotify service issue has been resolved and loading Spotify tracks in djay Pro should work normally again. Our sincere apologies for the outage.

We haven’t seen any further issues, but please let us know if you do.

The outage was on the Spotify server side and affected many or most of their 3rd party apps. We don’t have any more detailed information, but rest assured that Spotify is working constantly on providing the most reliable service and we are in close touch with them regarding any issues.

Thanks Daniel. Unfortunately there is currently no way for 3rd-party apps such as djay to play songs from Apple Music.

We’re currently looking into this connection issue with Spotify. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, please try logging off and back in to Spotify:

  1. Go to “Library” on the menu bar and select “Log out of Spotify”
  2. Then log back in…

This is an issue that’s separate from the main one, so I created a new conversation to continue the discussion.

Please reference the new conversation here: OSStatusError -54

Hi Alex,

The problem you’ve encountered does not occur with Spotify songs. Please visit the new thread that I created from your initial comment.

Same. I was using it fine a couple of days ago. Pretty glad I don’t have a gig

I had this problem on Friday, it’s resolved for me now.

I ran into this twice last night at a house party. I was playing a Spotify playlist through Djay when the music just stopped with that Internet message. I had to restart djay, then I lost my place in the playlist when I got back in. After the second time I gave up and just used the Spotify program and never had another problem all night long. It would have been a disaster but it was pretty much just background music so no one really noticed.

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hi, loving the new djay pro for mac.
especially loving the spotify integration however im having issues with using spotify after the first 2 songs.

when attempting to load the 3rd song, i get a drop down

“Could not load track”
“spotify session not available. Please check your internet connection”

i can confirm there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.

i have attempted to click on the spotify logo in the middle top and start new session this isnt doing anything… only option is to quit out and start back up again.

please help as only a 2 song mix just doesnt work.

I got the same message! Any idea what to do? Thanks