Could not load track Spotify session not available. Please check your internet connection

I figured out my problem. I did not purchase “spotify premium” version. You can not use djay pro without spotify premium subscription.

However, you COULD plan ahead, make a playlist in Spotify then offline it?

Are you already on djay Pro 1.1.1, Susavel?

Is there a already a solution for this problem?

Had the same issue happen to me like 8 time this past evening. Not happy to have spent money on a product that does not work!!

Same here. I loaded a few songs successfully yesterday. Left app up. In the morning I now get “Could not load track. Time out loading spotify track information.”
DJay Pro on MAC book pro with Premium Spotify subscription.
Tried logging in and out of Spotify with in DJay app, rebooted machine etc. I can select and search Spotify songs but it won’t load them. I even tried different network connection. same problem. Spotify app works fine on my phone via home network just not via Djay Pro on MAC. I would be petrified to use this at a gig even with a LAN line if it is going to be flakey. Am I doing something wrong?

Could you please give us a root cause analysis? Is there a key bottleneck in the system where algoriddim/spotify traffic has to pass? Is it somehow authenticated differently?

I still seems to be intermittent. After being fixed, Earlier Today I started having the same issue even though the Spotify App works every time. Now it is back working again.

Right now I can not trust it. I will have to make sure I have iTunes playlists ready to go at any gig. Tell us more about the fix so our confidence can be restored.

I guess many of us felt like it was a DJay problem. If that was not so please accept our collective apology. With that said I hope as business partner with Spotify they understand their importance. As starting tomorrow will will have a choice between Spotify and Apple Music. If I understand it correctly there is nothing DJay needs to do to integrate you just build playlists in iTunes based on apple music and they work. But another part of me does not wan’t to give the business to Apple when Spotify did so much as a pioneer. But if it breaks again and there are choices you will likely see a mass exodus from Spotify to Apple Music. The show must go on.

Tienes la solución? A mi también me pasó esto ayer… Imposible usar esta app en una fiesta o para mi trabajo.

Tienes la solución? A mi también me pasó esto ayer… Imposible usar esta app en una fiesta o para mi trabajo.

i have the same problem yet… djay pro 1.2, Spotify premium, Mac 10.10.03.

Getting this too and got a gig in an hour!!! Obviously a global problem, get it sorted algoriddim team this is getting silly the constant bugs and mess ups

Seriously where’s the help

I have the same problem as you all, and I can’t fix it. The software is one day old, and now it won’t work…

Yep, this is a disaster.

Same problem here…cannot load any spottily tracks. Can someone from algoriddm please pipe in an let us know what the problem is!

Such a disaster. Been using djay for over a month with premium Spotify. I have a big event on Tuesday, and now I can’t use any of the songs I’ve been practicing with. Now what?

come on guys, I have a gig now!

Someone please help!!! Many of us having the same problem with loading!!!

I’m still having having this problem and this thread is 3 years old!