crackles when using low pass filter

I noticed this problem using the LPF both in djay for Mac and in djay2. It sounds like clipping when you use it (at around 1/2 to 3/4 of the LPF level). It is stronger in some songs and parts of tracks than in others, but it’s definitely a problem. LPF in Traktor 2.6 and Traktor DJ works clean without crackle or clipping sounds. I can also send a recorded audio sample if you like.

…I agree here. I tested this using the most recent iPhone app. Still there’s sometimes some digital clipping when going to more than -50% of the filter value. That’s not only unusable in a pro DJ set but also embarrassing even in a leisure set.

That fix is a must. Algoriddim: do you still have this problem on your list? What about a fix?

…tested it with the newest Mac & IOS versions (IOS 3.2.2 / Mac 2.0.15) - still the same issue with clipping distortion & crackles despite the fact that at least in the latest IOS version “Improved Filter range and resonance” is advertised. So, Algoriddim: that’s still on your bug list?

I have to agree on this one. I just purchased djay pro a month ago from the app store and it is instantly low quality and distorted on every song. This makes the filter pretty much unusable. I fear that it is just a low quality filter, and the solution will not come any time soon.


Thanks for posting this. We’ll look into it.

Thanks for your feedback and glad you like it.

Yes, our developers are still looking into this issue with the Low Pass Filter.

Sorry, this issue is still under investigation. :frowning:

You have waited THREE YEARS for this problem to be fixed?

You are a patient person.


@algoriddim: Please test for example this song at around 1:00 with shown filter setting. It sounds awful. No external sound card, mixer or controller is used. The same happens with djay for Mac.

Hi Algoriddim Team,

Thanks for the latest update and for improving the software. I was happy to read about the new function “audio limiter” that should prevent distortion, but for the crackling while using the LPF it still doesn’t work! Please keep working on it, because LPF can only be used to a certain level and this is too bad for a DJ performance.


Once again, I highly appreciate the further development of this DJ Software. Spotify Integration was a huge surprise. Filter Problem is not solved. I wonder why other users do not complain about it as it is no phenomom that only sometimes appears. You can replicate it with almost song. Am I the only user of LPF??? :o(

Come on, Algoriddim! Nothing happened for more than one year!

Even djay pro users complain about this issue. This is a basic function of the software and it’s still not working clean. To me as a semi-professional user it’s not acceptable! For professional users this is an absolutely “no go”!

I posted this issue over 3 years ago! No improvment until today. It’s even a bug in Djay “Pro”, which is poor as it is not usable in front of an audience. So no professional use of your App possible. A waste of Money. Very very bad performance of Algoriddim. As only a few guys complain it seems to me that Djay remains a amateur DJ App and the quality is enough for this targeted group.

A patient but dissapointed (ex) customer.

Lukas, can you please give an update? 4 more months are gone. Meanwhile I purchased a Reloop Mixon 4 hybrid controller but I have to work with Serato (which is not the worst option) as there are still these sound issues while using filter in Djay Pro. Workflow in Djay Pro is amazing with this controller but as I said I can’t use it in public locations due to these crackles.

Frankly spoken, it is a shame for an Apple Design Award winning DJ App that calls itself “PRO”. Never experienced such a poor performance in terms of SW devepelopment and/or bug fixing.This bug has not been fixed for more than five (!) years! No words for that. I switched to professionell DJ SW meanwhile.

Just tested the freshly available iOS djay version with optional PRO subscription!

The advertised new audio engine gave me a little hope that Algoriddim guys solved the filter issue with the new release, after “only” 5 years. What shall I say? You guys seem to simply ignore our claims and this bug! There are still these horrible sound issues between -70 and -80% (depends on tested tracks). You are selling great new features (looper is a big one) but you prevent people from using your app in a professional way as the basics do not work! Do your homework!

It‘s quite ridiculous to read that this issue is not fixed yet, after meanwhile six years!

Lukas E, 3 years ago you informed us that this issue is on your agenda. What has happened since then?

the filter wasn’t tested and its already the 2nd version?

XY pad and filter is ion without clipping. lots of distortion. even with the limiter enabled. I tried lowering the trim but on the next track, it just goes back to 0…

Rest assured we’re still on it! We’ll keep you updated!