Create a MIDI Guide for mapping generic controllers.

So I’ve been searching for hours trying to get lights (Leds) on my Korg nanokontrol2 working. I’ve corresponded to Algoriddim Support and I just get standard answers that they are working on improving features in djay.
I mean it’s just not an answer good enough!
I understand if Algoriddim doesn’t have time for me personally but I think you at least could point out some directions as to what I have to study and understand to make it work. People all over use these cheap controllers with different DAWs and it can’t be so difficult to get some leds to work.
Why is Midi out not eligible?

Either you abandon macOS or understand that we want physical control over all features you implement!
Help me help myself!

Hi Tronque, I use the NanoKontrol Mk1 with Mac on Ableton and I know it does not support MIDI In, so software like Ableton Live or Djay can’t tell it which lights to turn on and when.

The NanoKontrol lights are either Toggle or Momentary, and the lights respond to physical button pushes on the NanoKontrol only. You can choose if a button lights up when held or toggles on and off in the Korg controller editor software.

Hope this helps somewhat.


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Hey Tronque! I hope this helps: I created a list of all mappable MIDI commands in dJay.

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Just to clarify for tronque… do you see the MIDI OUT functions as greyed out in djay when the NK2 is connected?

Hi Dsound! thanks for your attention.
Don’t NK have midi in? I mean, what’s “external control” for LEDs in the editor for?
When looking in Utilities/Midi setup (macos) I see there’s two ports in nanokontrol2; one in and the other for out. And compared to my Mixon4 (which has one port w/ in/out) I interpret this as way djay wants to communicate.
I’ve got the lights to work the way you mentioned and I’ll have to make do w that.

PS. yes the Midi out in djay is greyed out. not even what the rumbler suggests in [this] tread seems to help. (putting <key>output</key> <br> in mapping file.)

Hi Tronque

It’s my pleasure to try and help - I really enjoy these types of topics and finding creative solutions!

I have NK Mk. 1 so that is why I said it doesn’t support MIDI In messages.

Good luck!

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