Cue points slow to respond

Hi all, There seems to be a delay after pressing cue points. Sometimes it’s fine other time there is a slight delay. VDJ works fine. I tried on reloop and directly on laptop same issue. Quantize Cue/loop set to 1 beat. At suggestions.

i have not notes this… if quantiize is off than should be responding at once, whits is on my flx4 so where do you press the cue, on djay program , on a mixer, if a mixer, that this could be latency between hardware and macOS. so if you use a HUB than it depens on the hub…

i have ipad pro whit a hub connected to ipad. flx4 connected to hub and have no latecny what so ever.

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I am using reloop ready and Mac book air.

Hi @DJ_Faisal,

Thanks for sharing your recent experience with djay on Mac!

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. What year of MacBook Air are you using?
  2. What version of macOS are you running?
  3. Is this continuing to happen in the latest version of djay Pro, v5.0.4?
  4. Are there any additional details you might be able to share with me regarding this topic?

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!

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I have this issue with quantize on if you hit the hot queue early, it will snap it onto the beat and stay in time. However, if you play it a little bit late, it snaps it to the following beat which in my mind makes it a bit useless, the whole point of quires so that if you are early or late, it Still snap it onto the downbeat, for example.

This is my thread I started

Mac book Air M1 2020
Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1
Djay version 5.0.3

Reloop ready
It lags when I press hot cue points on the controller.not always but it’s quite frequent.

I use virtual dj and that’s not the problem there. It’s very accurate on VDJ.

Thank you


Does it jump to the beat later ? Exactly?

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@NathanielAlgo Djay is still lagging in cue points even after updating to V 5.0.4
After the update, the left deck was playing the right and vice versa. I restarted the software and laptop and it fixed it.