Cues and Loops location

In the latest version of Djay pro for windows. Is the location for Cues, loops…the same??
I want to transfer between pc’s

  • Windows Store version:


  • Demo version:


You can access these folders by pasting the above path into your Explorer’s address bar.

This folder contains the following data:

  • djay Preset Library.plist: cue points, 1st down beats and all other data set by the user
  • Metadata: per-song analyze data (e.g. waveforms, beat grids, etc.)
  • Sets: your DJ set history as displayed in the djay Pro media library
  • Samples: custom audio samples (including recorded samples)
  • Sampler Presets: custom audio sampler presets

Help takes me here

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It is me. I reposted because I got no answer.
So leave at least the answer posted

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