Custom Sample Pack Available

only me, the last one, who realized that, custom sample pack is available in DJay, it mean, you can create your own samples and put fx, sounds to sample pads. Waoooo! I love it. You really listened! Big thumbs :+1: for! Honestly I love DJay, but I’m lost in my faith in…but you made my day with it!

I hate to break it to you @DJ-Z, but this feature has been available for a long time :slight_smile:

:grin::grin: really? Oh boy, damn, but what about custom looper pack?, Maybe I mixed up with this feature. Is there any topic about that feature? As I remember, I posted something like that, but now I couldn’t find that…

Hi @DJ-Z, unfortunately custom Looper packs are not currently possible. This is a much more challenging problem to solve due to how the Looper works compared to the Sampler. There is an existing suggestion topic for this though:

why not just let user to upload their looper pack into…where the official packs are?

Because the Looper is a much more complex system under the hood and requires very carefully preparation of each component to work properly.

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okay I got it, then better if we don’t wait for it! I have some more suggestions, shall I post them, or you are full with sugestions/ideas?

New suggestions are always welcome. Please use Search first though to see if someone else has already made a topic. Also, please only make one suggestion per topic. Thanks!

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