Custom Looper packs

Dear Algoriddim staff,

We have seen some topics related to custom looper packs being closed last year but no real explaination about how to do this…

Could you share more information about how to create our own looper packs and load them into DJay Pro AI ?



Hi @DJ_lion,

Note that threads in the Community get closed automatically after a certain time of inactivity.

It is not currently possible to add or create your own looper packs. However, we are aware of the high request for this. We’ll let everyone know when this is possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Adding to what Guillermo said, last year the forum was migrated and all old topics were closed, even if they were opened only slightly before (example)

@Guillermo Yes, being able to add and create packs for the looper in ai would be… incredible. I’ve seen threads about this a few years back; is it probable that this will happen?

thanks again for amazing software!

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yeah this would be amazing.

Hi guys,

We kindly ask for your patience while we work on this request. Please note allowing the usage of custom looper packs is a relatively big project since we’d like to guarantee a perfect quantisation of the loops.

We’ll keep you guys posted here about any news from development.


A question about using 3rd Party LOOP SAMPLE PACKS inside the LOOPER feature of DJAY PRO AI

Hey dudes,

Is there any way I can add my own Loop Packs or 3rd Party Loops to the Looper in DJAY PRO AI or alternatively use, say, my Launchpad X, to play my own loops (as in 4 bar sample drum loops for example) along side and in time with DJAY PRO AI.

Just to make clear, i mean the LOOPER not the Sampler in DJAY PRO AI. So Instead of loading the Retro 80s Looper Pack into the Looper inside DJAY PRO AI, I’d like to load my own set of Drum, Kicks, Percs, Tops, Bass, Fx, Arp Sequences, Leads and Vocal loops.

Long time player, first time poster… I’ve been searching for a year for this answer and need to know now!

Thank you,

Manek :slight_smile:

I use Mac Mini (M1, 2020) Apple M1 Chip. 16GB Memory. macOS Big Sur. Version 11.8.2

DAW: Logic Pro X

PS - The reason why I want to do this is to remix my own original tracks with a new set of fresh loops and sounds… I’ve fell in love with the way Djay Pro AI works as way to reproduce my tracks on the fly. I’m just finding that I’d like to manipulate the Looper feature more and use different loop variations etc.

Hi @Dedderz, I’ve moved your posts over to this already existing thread on the same topic. Let us know if you have any additional questions. :notes:

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Can anyone tell me what folder the downloaded Looper-packs are in on my Mac?

Roland 808 looper pack would be cool, if you could get them onboard

Maybe I missed it, as there was a quote from back in 2018 about this being addressed. Is there a way to make our own loops for the looper? Really need this as I use this in another software and is one of the final pieces for a final move.

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I’d love this too but I suspect it’s a can of worms for the devs. Like other systems that use fixed loops, the files are carefully mapped and formatted for a very narrow use case so that playback is rock solid in all instances. Trying to lock random sample loops in realtime has got to be a nasty proposition. Then again, they have accomplished a lot with beat reading and now AI NeuralMix. Maybe it can happen.

Hi @adrenal,

Are you looking to use custom loops on macOS, iOS, Windows or Android?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

MacOS and eventually IOS, I believe! Would like it to be usable on both. Thanks for asking!

Hi @adrenal,

No worries! Thanks for the clarification.

We actually already have a thread on this which I will link to below.

I will be merging this thread with the one listed above for better management. Have a nice day!

WOW! Did this one get forgotten about, or has it been 3 years in development? :slight_smile:

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Would be great to have this in the next version

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Dear community,

I suggest to explore Neural Mix pro as a base for creating Looper packs and samples packs. It has so much potential. For @Algoriddim it could also become an entry point for all sample makers to enter into DJay Pro :wink:

Please see this post here :

Like and vote the post for the idea to show some love to the great piece of software :love_you_gesture:t2:

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what is the current status?