DDJ-1000 djay Pro native support?

Will the new DDJ 1000 be added to youe list of native supported controllers in the future.

Looks a fantastic controller for £1049

Hey Lucas, do you have an estimate about this integration?

Great implementation overall for native support, I’m happy to say that I’ve been using it and it’s good. Responsiveness of the pads is 90% there, I guess it could be improved a bit but I was able to adjust the sensitivity using the jog adjust dial. One thing though for me to ask is I can’t use the beat Fx at all… any guess of what is wrong? Thanks and kudos to Algoriddim for supporting this great device!

Oh so beat Fx is indeed not working at all! Good to know

Hi there Lukas, it would be soooo nice to have native support! is there a way to push it up the request list?! :wink: I mapped some stuf myself but the jogs and the headphone cues are not working… so its mixing on sync but that’s not the fun… :wink: hopefully you’re able to give us a timeslot we can look forward to? Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll be posting daily in my enthusiasm asking when, when… when…
I’m enjoying Djay very much, keep up the good work!



Bought one today. I’m going to be using it for rekordbox but for parties and stuff it would be handy to have Djay pro and Spotify!

I will plug it into Mac and fire up Pro to see what happens this weekend and let you know…

Plugged in, it reads controller but you need to map it. Someone needs to come up with a map!!

E v e r y t h i n g. So I haven’t bothered

No official response yet…

Unfortunately nothing happens quickly at Algoriddim and the awkward silences are often long and frustrating. It’s a shame, great product, they just need to keep up.

It doesn’t make any difference what the “skin” looks like. The crowd has no benefit from this. What matters is the function of the software with the hardware you choose to use.

I have no idea whats going on.

On the bright side if you use the DJJ 1000 with rekordbox its fantastic :slight_smile:

algoriddim do not care windows platform. so sad

Curious as to why the beat fx are not working for you since they are said to be hardware based? Or are you referring to the pad fx on the decks?

Correction it shows they have added the native support.

The non 1:1 platter to GUI movement behavior has been a factor of Djay/Djay Pro/Djay Pro 2 since the first day I have used it. Not sure why the expectations would be different with this controller… How long have you been using this software?

I use nothing but Pioneer hardware SZ, SX, CDJ-2000Nexus x 2, CDJ-2000NXS2 and a few others. The issue is not THAT noticeable but compared to other software (Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor etc.) the platters are not 1:1 on any of my hardware. I am not speaking of how far it would spin as backpins (etc.) are not very realistic anyways and I try to avoid them (except for fun LOL) but actual physical position of platter Vs. position of virtual platter on screen etc.

In other words a full 360 degree spin of platter does not equal a full 360 degree spin of virtual platter. When using playhead position indicator view only (waveform) this is is not as noticeable.

Correction I do have Rane hardware too but I obviously do not use it with Djay.

BTW I was never trying to correct anything you were saying as a matter of fact I had not read a single thing you have ever said until just now.

I commented under Myjellious Mckenzie…