Ddj 400 with iPad Pro using Djay pro

I just got a new iPad Pro and ddj 400 and using it with djay pro I have the controller directly wired into a Sonos speaker and there is a good 3 second delay in what I do on the controller to what comes out in audio. Is there anything I can do to rectify this or am I stuck

hi. very strange. it looks like you use bluetooth to connect to the Sonos speaker… could you double check ?

I can find quite a few reports about delays with Sonos speakers to the point where it is most likely not an issue with djay but rather with Sonos.

With practically any wireless speaker set up there will be a large lag (delay) between your actions on the controller and the sound being affected.

Wired directly to a speaker is your best option, but I don’t think that will be an option with Sonos. Note a some smart speakers will even have an audio lag if wired in too. I have an Amazon Echo Studio speaker with an aux input, even wired I was experiencing a lad of about 0.4 seconds - doesn’t sound a lot but made monitoring with headphones impossible

I am using my DDJ400 with a iPad Pro and djay pro all wired into a Sonos speaker and everything I do on the decks has a 2/3 decond delay to what comes out the speaker. Am I able to change this?

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Hi @Perrywilko,

I’ve moved this post from the bug report thread over here to your other thread on the same topic just to keep things tidy.

As the others have already said on this thread, it sounds like this delay may be expected with this particular setup using a Sonos speaker. So that we can provide any additional information that may be helpful for you, could you please share more details about the exact Sonos speaker you’re using, and exactly how you have the speaker connected in your setup? If possible, a photo of the setup would be helpful as well. In addition, it would be helpful to know if your iOS version and djay versions are up to date.

Thanks in advance for the additional information!

I am hard wired into one and then that wirelessly connects to the other so that could be the issue. Will wait till I get two dedicated speakers for it and see if that helps. Thank you!

Okay that makes sense, it’s okay sometimes but I’m practically playing ahead of myself having to anticipate when to do things to counter the delay. Thank you!

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The Sonos five does have a 3.5 port at the back which I plugged the audio cables from the deck into thinking it would work that way. I will wait until I have dedicated monitors for it to see if the issue is fixed. Thank you!

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A possible quick check would also be to get 2 headphones - connect one to cue and one to main out and see if there is a delay.

This is probably due to the speaker itself. Try another one and see if that is the case there as well.

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