DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility

Hi Algoriddim team, there are in fact a lot of issues with this new update and what’s more disturbing is the fact that you keep on asking us, the users, to give more information, set up new topics, replicate it, etc. when isn’t the team at Algoriddim supposed to do all that? I saw someone mention that Algoriddim is a small company but it can’t be that small now that it’s partnered up with Apple and it should have a budget allowance to purchase at least 10 of the top controllers us customers have and “test it” as you or whoever was speaking for the company kept on repeatedly saying this whole time. Listen I am appreciative of the creators of Algoriddim but don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, wasn’t this the reason you guys were “testing to make sure everything comes out ok?”


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Guys, when we can expact Solutions for our Issues pls.?

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5.2.1 is currently in private beta testing. Public release timing depends on how the testing goes…

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How can you guys do all this “testing” you claim but yet you don’t have any of these controllers?

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Hi @djboom369, I’m not sure what you are referring to. The engineering and dev teams have access to all of the equipment we support. This is how they are able to create the MIDI Mappings for the hardware. However, not everyone on the support team has access to this gear.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions & concerns, we just want to understand how other dj software companies are more compatible with the flx10 but Algoriddim isn’t

If you look in the about section in the djay settings you will find the credits for Algoriddim djay. This should give you a pretty good idea of the size of our team.


Well first I want to switch gears from how I started which was confrontational to cool, calm & collective so we can work together… it’s just if the developers that release these updates actually did have controllers then right off the bat they would experience all of these issues that we deal with, so that’s how I assumed they don’t have any controllers

Please understand that we develop our software across macOS, iOS, iPadOS, visionOS, Windows, Windows ARM, and Android. I don’t believe the other companies you are referring to develop across all of these platforms. This creates a complex environment with a lot of unique variables. So, it’s possible that unexpected issues can arise based on specific user setups. Rest assured that our entire team works hard to address any of these issues as soon as they are recognized and as quickly as possible.


Ok, thank you for taking the time to respond

You’re welcome @djboom369

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Is it possible to join the Beta team? We all can help the dev. Team. We all are interessting in a perfect working software.

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Hi @DJKamyR,

To add onto what @Slak_Jaw shared in his previous responses, development takes time and during that process there may be edge cases in which a single user experiences unexpected behavior as opposed to the majority. Even if the majority is quiet due to the mapping of said controller working as intended.

For these edge cases, we need as much information as possible to investigate and dissect the issue you are having so that it does not happen to someone else.

Your passion for djay and willingness to share thoughts in our community is extremely valuable which is why we try and get the most out of user integration when developing.

Every so often we do open our beta program to select few in the public and we encourage you to check back in with us via the submit a request form on our support page for further information.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support.

Big thanks to @Slak_Jaw for providing a positive perspective as well.


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Hello everyone! I have noticed several specific questions being asked in this generic FLX10 Compatibility topic. It is easy for these things to get lost in this large generic thread. It makes it difficult to keep the conversation organized and to properly track your question or issue.

So, please first use the search tool to see if there is already a topic closely related to your question/issue, and if one doesn’t exist, please create a new topic for it. This will make things a lot easier for everyone. Thanks for your help :smiley:

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Hi, @Slak_Jaw . I also had this ticket-reported on July 2nd. What happens to the ticket? no response till now.

ticket [#200578]

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Thanks for the bump @DJKamyR. I’ll pass this onto the official support team and ask them to follow up. Please note, that the support team has been very busy answering questions since the 5.2 release. Thanks for understanding!

Thank you for your Support

You’re welcome @DJKamyR . Happy to help!