DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility

:ok_hand: Toys for rich snots…. unnecessary

However, the team IS working hard behind the scenes and we hope to have some news to share soon…

I highly doubt that they’re working “hard” at all on this integration, as if they were they would’ve had this completed months ago, not still “working” on it and coming up with vague “more updates to come soon” responses for months now…

Let’s be real - they’re not working on this, as if they were they would’ve been able to get this sorted out in a few days, week tops.

So if anything, some of us would appreciate you guys at least being honest about your responses here and tell us the truth - “We’ll get to this whenever we feel like, and unfortunately that time is not now. Will keep you posted when. Don’t keep your hopes up though because we’ve got our priorities in something else instead.”

I think the only thing that will help is if we flx10 users all cancel our subscriptions so that they finally do something.

Let’s vote on who’s in.


The last few replies in this thread don’t seem interested in a meaningful conversation anymore and are instead focused on venting frustrations of users. I don’t think this is going to help us collectively, especially not the posts that are doubting the honesty of Algoriddim responses. Let’s stay patient, I’m sure there will be news soon.


Not sure additional ‘pressure’ will help at this point. I think they got the message and they want to make sure they get it right… :slight_smile:

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I agree and also I would imagine the dev team are also developing other areas of djay pro not only hardware integrations. With each passing day the closer it gets. Also people have bought a hardware device that isn’t integrated yet with djay pro. Who’s really to blame for that? Some where down the line we have to take personal responsibility as well, rather than make demands. As Take That would say “ have a little patience” :sunglasses::pray::sunglasses:


Just bought an flx10 and this is the best i found
At least it does the basics
Thanks man