DDJ-FLX10 Compatibility

How is it a random person can dona midi map and AI techs are unable to come up with a version ,im just saying works nice on my iphone and ipad

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Hi @marlo_hodges, thanks for the input. I’ve merged your new topic with the existing one for the FLX10 to help keep the discussion organized. Thanks!

Hi there, i understand we are waiting for news but has it actually been confirmed there is work definitively underway on FLX10 compatibility? If its a waiting game fine, but not clear if it’s actually ever going to happen. Appreciate confirming. thanks


Hi Mark, honestly, I don’t think so.
2 months pass and no update on it.

Please give us an update
When we can expact the compatibilty?

Algoriddim never give out specific dates and rightly so because if they did and for some unforeseen reason, they couldn’t deliver, there would be uproar. Not good. We were all told about a month or so ago that in the “next coming months” we will see hardware integrations and other stuff we’ve been asking for. @Slak_Jaw has responded in several posts that the next release is going to be more than likely 5.2. Which I’m guessing will have hardware integrations. I’m only guessing now and trying to read between the lines. I get your frustrations though. Djay pro is amazing software and with every big release Neural Mix, DVS Neural Mix, and recently 5.0, gets the whole dj community pumped, loads of excitement then disappointment as users can’t fully utilise Djay Pro as not compatible with their hardware. I think it’s a flawed strategy one that senior management and CEO are hopefully looking to address. With every big release loads will flock to djay pro only to leave again with disappointment. Hopefully moving forward we will see integrations sooner rather than later.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for your continued interest in support for this hardware. This one is also on my personal wish list, so I know how you feel. I wish I could share more specifics, but I’m simply not permitted. If you look carefully, I have dropped some subtle hints in various topics. My personal recommendation is to be patient a bit longer while the dev team puts the polishing touches on the next djay Pro release. Good things are coming :wink:


You have given us some cheeky hints over last few days. Hurry up though I’m getting eager to get another controller. :sunglasses::fire::sunglasses:

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Ok, this is a promising comment :pray:t3: Thank you :partying_face:

You’re welcome @Emrethedj


well said ,bud
Agreed , don’t use rekordbox much now

I haven’t checked in for a minute but yikes. Wake up algoriddim. Been using Serato and Virtual DJ with no issues. Still rooting for ya but you are not months late to the game but minimally a year.

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Wich one? Havent spotted them

They are there if you take a look. :sunglasses: