DDJ-FLX10 unofficial Mapping

Do you have auto gain switched on? If so this will affect the way gains operate.

Do the jog wheel displays show any information with the above midi mapping file?

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Unfortunately not. You can only display your logo or the standard Pioneer or RecordBox. And that only on the MacBook. On the iPad, the display is not possible at all.

DDJ-FLX10-V8.0.djayMidiMapping (262.3 KB)


Thankyou for the effort,appreciated

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Thnak you @Olivier_Frappier for all the hard work!


Is there any chance of a Windows version?
Maybe I didn’t find this one?

Thanks !

Can you get audio out from main xlr output? And does headphone cue buttons work with iPad Pro M1?

Hey Oliver

Thanks for the mapping. I just purchased the FLX-10. I have installed your mapping, Is there something going on with the samples, I cannot que my samples. im I missing something?


Try “sampler vol” knob on you FLX10
at minimum ?

because sampler volume on FLX10 is mapped

tell me



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When I hit the CUE button for the sampler it’s not working. Please advise.

Thanks again

the cue button is used in my FLX10 mapping to show or hide sampler GUI, not mapped for cue
and SHIFT+ SMPLER CUE : show the loop sampler GUI


i find it’s more pratical

Is there a overwiew, which button is for which function? Special all the shift commands?

or a video perhaps, i will see

or perhaps an official mapping ?

but we need a master FX section in DJAY pro like Rekordbox and VirtualDJ, and new CFX color FX missing in DJAY pro, and HID, HID like CDJ3000 with DJAY

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