DDJ-FLX10 unofficial Mapping


Here my mapping for FLX10 for V5.0.2 Ai for MAC :slight_smile:
DDJ-FLX10-V6.3.djayMidiMapping (215.9 KB)

instant double stems work like Rekordbox and VirtualDJ betwwen deck 1 and 2.

Still missing some midi command to improve part FX stems
( led DRUM/VOCAL/INST part FX switch are wrong, but FX stems assign work with double click)

it would be nice to have all FX1/FX2/FX3 effect on MIDI command by name to choose them for FLX10 KNOB.

And somme HID hidden command… to display more on deck
Can you add some Pioneer HID command for FLX10 ? (like CDJ 3000 ? midi map ?)

Channel meter work :slight_smile:

SHIFT + FX ON/OFF to set CROSSFADER FX ON/OFF and other cool features


Olivier F.


DDJ-FLX10-V6.4.djayMidiMapping (216.2 KB)

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Hello Olivier,

Thanks for your mapping, already very functional!

Do you need feedback?

DDJ-FLX10-V6.5.djayMidiMapping (219.1 KB)

It would be nice to have a midi command to select FX1 by name


it’s not difficult to add to properly assignfx on FLX10 or others FX ?

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Hey Olivier,
firstly Thank you and happy New,

(How did you get the VU leds to show on Channels?
When i did my mapping, couldn’t get leds on Channels, only on Master and Mic.)

Ok found it in Plist Editor Thanks :grin:

Also, even with your very true to hardware mapping, i can’t get BEAT FX to work on Channels or Master, only on the Mic line… any idea…?

Sorry i know you’re not working for Aldoriddim, just wanted to know if you’ve encountered this issue as well …

Thanks, one more time :metal: :fr:

New mapping here :slight_smile:

DDJ-FLX10-V7.0.djayMidiMapping (255.5 KB)


I wonder if if its possible to use the mixer’s onboard effects? i suppose that would take some access to the units drivers or something and not possible through midi mapping. Im also was curious if any one had figured out how to use DVS with the flx10 . I can get it working only if i have the input set to line in but of course you hear the tone from the vinyl…again something thats probably internal to the unit. Itd be great if the software had some open source repo option on github to contribute code, wishful thinking…

Even works with a iPad Pro M1!

Yes it works with IPAD. Even with A12/A13

THe FLX10 USB routing audio FX are SOFTWARE FX in REKORDBOX and VIRTUALDJ not hardware

but ALGOIDDIM need to add and emulate this Software FX that Rekordbox and VirtualDJ emulate :slight_smile:


NOISE (that work without audio playing - it’s really missing in DJAY pro)


Low echo

and add a master software FX section like Rekordbox and VIRTUALDJ

and add HID command for FLX10 ( they have HID command for CDJ 3000 why not for FLX 10 and XDJ-RZ ?)

please Algoriddim take a look at VirtualDj that emulate all pioneer BEAT FX and COLOR FX , beat and Color and send sem via HID to FLX10 even the BEAT FX display :slight_smile:


MY FLX 10 mapping allow this in DJAY PRO :slight_smile:

it’s work between deck 1/2 or choosen deck

just don’t forget to disable crossfader FX.

In my mapping you can ENABLE/DISABLE crossfader FX with the main cue button on FLX10


Hello guys, I’ve had the Mixon 8 for A few weeks, it’s OK. The build quality isn’t great and I’m seriously thinking about getting the flx10. So I’m joining this thread to keep up-to-date. I will be only be using the flx10 With djay , Is it usable at the moment?

Can relate. Returned mixon. Don’t like the build and lay out. Tried the FLX10. Love it. But keeping my RX3 for now. Would love to go over to iPadOS, waiting for full support.

The FLX10 is full usable

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So sorry just to check the FX 10 is fully usable with iOS?

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Not fully, but usable


i have an ipad pro and a mixon 8, jogwheels don’t track properly and had a loose screw inside.
i sent it back to the store for replacement, but have little confident that the replacement is any better.

i’m glad to see that someone made a mapping for FLX10 for use on a ipad with Djay Pro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Should i exchange the mixon 8 for an FLX10 or RX3?

The Mixon 8 , isn’t great quality though

yes i agree, mixon 8 is great by itself and works fine with other djsoftware.
the problem is between Djay Pro van Mixon 8. mixon 8 is especially designed for Djay but fails to track the jogs properly. Algoriddim has to fix this! As i showed in my video, the jogs track just fine when Djay Pro is NOT used. They work fine with VirtualDJ, Traktor Pro and some other dj-softwares. Why can’t DjayPro make it work properly?

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Thank you so much for your work, It is really helpful!

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Having issues with the mapping on the mixer section. It seems that there’s a horrible fluctuation on the channel gains. If I lower it a hair, the sound drastically lowers. If I turn it up, it get’s really loud. I know this mapping is something you made, but is there any other way the channels can be mapped so the gains aren’t so sensitive? I’m very grateful you made this mapping, I just wish Algoriddim would make an official mapping already, the controller is over a year old now.

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i will investigate, i don’t use gain knob. thanks