DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI July 2023

What is new in DDJ-FLX4 mapping subject? Official mapping is good enough or still Michal Wisniewski’s mapping is better? Where can I find official button mapping list for this controller?
Thanks in advance. I just bought it and I’m total noob. :slight_smile:

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It is difficult to say which is really better, because it depends on individual needs. So you should just try it out. Maybe one of the two variants suits you, and if not, you have the possibility to adjust it accordingly in both cases.

UNOFFICIAL FLX4 Mapping, version 2.8
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.8).djayMidiMapping (76.9 KB)
The “Unofficial” FLX4 mapping will be easier to customize. I built it from scratch, so it only uses MIDI commands and XML that I could access. Nothing is hidden or restricted; but you might have to get creative to achieve certain results! (See the old thread for details on the mapping DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Map (Unofficial))

I use both the Official and Unofficial mappings, can’t go wrong with either. One caveat, the Official FLX4 mapping uses CC codes that directly access internal djay Pro functions that are not accessible by us users. Some of those CC codes Turn Off software responses from MIDI commands being sent by the hardware. After messing around with the official version, I found several custom MIDI commands that work fine in the “Unofficial” mapping, but won’t respond in the “Official” mapping. I forget exactly which ones, but I remember hardware control over the software volume was one of them.)

So while I recommend the Official FLX4 mapping for the average user, if you want to customize the mapping, there are hidden functions going on in the Official FLX mapping that are not visible to the end-user.


Thank you guys for advice. I saw Michael Wisniewski’s list of functions. Is available the official one too? Can you tell the main differences official vs. unofficial in buttons functions? Last thing: is possible to program the existing button “next song” in AutoMix mode to controller?

Anyone can answer please?