DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

Will there be support for the new DDJ-FLX4? :wink:


Yea, same. I’m thinking of grabbing the FLX4 to replace my SB3 as a portable rig.

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Well, it’s class compliant, so you can plug (map) and play anyway…

Pretty sure it will be officially supported by djay Pro, but in the meantime, many of us will be making MIDI maps as soon as we get our hands on it!

Figured! What about the Beat FX feature … since it doesn’t work for us on the 1000, do we think it won’t work on the FLX4 either?

It’s hard to say what will be mappable. Do you mean the Merge FX on the FLX6? On the FLX4 they have the Smart Fader and Smart CFX.

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Nope. Beat FX. Also wondering if/how the “FX Select” will work with Djay.

The first thing that i thought when I saw Phil post his video is that DJAY would be perfect for this, however, when he got to the part about Rekordbox having their own iOS or Android app (there is only an Android switch on the back, makes me suspicious lol) I thought well maybe it will not be officially supported, plus I am sure the new Mobile app will have to work out a ton of “kinks” . I just hope VDJ supports it, like everything else lol, but mapping it to DJAY should be fine, except for the mentioned effects, cant wait to get my hands on one just to check it out though. well Affirm here’s goes another 300 Dollar credit lolol

Would be really nice, if someone for the Algoriddim stuff could give us a short update if they plan to support the FLX4? Thanks in advance!

Cheers Norbert

In my experience, Algoriddim never announces in advance that they will be bringing support to a particular piece of gear. They only make an announcement once they have made an official mapping.

I contacted them directly and got an answer already:
“testing phase for the FLX4 to ensure full integration with djay”
So good news ahead for DJ Pro Al users


Excellent!! Once they have a full mapping I will buy it!

I am keen to find out too. This new controller is a game changer.

Hi all,

As @Dr_No mentioned, I can share that we are in the process of ensuring full support for the DDJ-FLX4!

I will happily keep you all updated here in this thread, and we thank you in advance for your patience!


Hi, is there any update on this at all? Do you have rough timescales? Are we talking days or weeks. Thanks.

Has anyone tried this controller with Djay Pro AI yet? Does it work?

I have one and tried it out on the weekend - it is recognized but not mapped so you have to map it yourself at the moment.

Thanks for the reply. Is it easy enough to map yourself? I’ve not had to do it before?

I will wait until the device is officially supported. At least in my experience, just the mapping of jogwheels often does not work so well. It also remains to be seen whether smart fader and filter effects will be mapped in the software.

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It is cumbersome but doable. I took about 10 - 15 minutes to get everything on the left side except for the pads running. The pads are gonna be nasty if you want to map them because you’ll have to map 8 pads * 8 modes * 2 (each button can also be used with Shift) = 128 functions. I will also wait :slight_smile:

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