DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

@Jru Do you have an update on this please?

Hi @Maston82,

Our team is still in the process of ensuring full compatibility with djay Pro AI.

As you all know, there are new features on the FLX4 that we are determining if they can be functional with djay, similar to the adaptation of the “Merge FX” on the FLX6.

Be assured that I will keep you all updated with any news as it comes in, and I hope I can be the bearer of good news sooner rather than later!


If anyone has mapped it, can you please share it with the community? :slight_smile: I plan to buy it and use with djay Pro, Thanks

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Ok looks like configuring is not a problem, The problem is the audio signals led that is not working at all, the audio levels, cue, play/pause lights and all the buttons lights are off, does anyone know how to fix that, please?


@Simion_Lupascu did you manage to map it yourself? Did you have to map everything?

I only started it, it’s easy…but stopped when found out the led lighting is not working at all, see above I raised the question

yes , you will have to map every single button from scratch

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@Simion_Lupascu to make the LEDs for any button work, you need to turn on “MIDI Out” in the mapping for each button.

You may also want to adjust the LED On and Off colours within the Advanced MIDI Out Configuration menu.


@Simion_Lupascu as for the VU Meter LEDs for the audio level, there is no way to map these within Djay’s MIDI Learn utility. This needs to be done by Algoriddim or by editing the XML file which I do not recommend if you don’t have experience in this area.


Just wanted to add a big fat “plus one” to help push this up the Algoriddim mapping queue.

Mostly for Mac though, not so fussed about the IOS implimentation, but that would be nice too!

Looking forward to seeing what they can do with the new fader effects…

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@Jru is there any further info on this? I’m holding off on buying this controller because it’s not mapped. Do we think it will be sorted this side of Christmas. Sorry to chase but there are lots of people keen to use Djay on this controller.

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I don’t expect that to happen this year. That shouldn’t be too bad for most people, because the controller has a longer delivery time at the moment anyway. And at the beginning of next year, Rekordbox for the iPad is supposed to come. And even though I really like Djay Pro, I’m much more interested in that.

I believe that the Rekord Box App is due out in March, I wouldn’t have thought that DJ Pro would be kept along side it, surely it makes sense for Pioneer to shift everyone onto the new product?

Fortunately, djay doesn’t need Pioneer‘s permission to make the DDJ-FLX4 compatible so whether or not Pioneer‘s attention shifts shouldn’t be much of a concern here.

Pioneer’s seems to want the FLX series to be compatible with as many DJ softwares as possible, so I expect djay Pro to be fully supported. I bet they make decent profit from each hardware unit sold, and probably want to sell to as many people as possible - which is probably why out of the box it supports both Rekordbox and Serato.

The FLX6 just got an update with additional compatibility for Traktor and Virtual DJ (in addition to Rekordbox and Full Serato DJ).

So I’m pretty confident about djay Pro etc. on Pioneer gear.

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The FLX-4 may arguably be the single most important piece of equipment for Djay to support at the moment (outside of the things it already supports of course) because every day somebody gets an FLX-4 in the mail, and it’s not supported by Djay, the eager new DJ is going to have no choice but to pay their first subscription elsewhere.

I suspect Algoriddim must understand this and be applying their full focus efforts on getting this update out BEFORE Christmas…

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